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The Beauty of Nature (Trained and Untrained): A Schumacher Ballet Film

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

By Rachel Straus

Helene Davis, of Helene Davis PR, was good enough to send this beautiful film promo, featuring Ashley Laracey and Harrison Coll in the upcoming work Dear and Blackbirds by Troy Schumacher. Filmed by Schumacher, the duet was shot in Telluride, CO. Ah, mountains, prairie and dark cumulous clouds. The two statuesque dancers’ serious yet delicate interchanges mysteriously harmonize with the monumental landscape.

Click here to see:

Dear and Blackbirds

Schumacher’s pick-up company, composed of New York City Ballet dancers, will present two world premieres, Dear and Blackbirds and All That We See, at New York University’s Skirball Center on October 29 and 30. Both ballets have been composed to commissioned scores by 24-year-old Ellis Ludwig-Leone, who works as musical assistant to Nico Muhly and whose aesthetic is decidedly romantic.

Schumacher founded Ballet Collective in 2010 and has danced in New York City Ballet’s corps since 2006. On September 24, his first City Ballet commission Clearing Dawn, to Judd Greenstein’s “Clearing, Dawn, Dance,” premiered. It will be performed again at the former New York State Theater on October 9, 11 and 13.

Clearly, Schumacher is inspired by nature. His titles are a give away. He invokes his dancers to move like reeds in the wind.