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The World’s Greatest Living Conductor?

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

By: Frank Cadenhead “Georges Prêtre? Wasn’t he Maria Callas’ favorite conductor? He’s still alive?” This is frequently the reaction in the English-speaking world to a name which is now iconic in Vienna. Prêtre, who celebrated his 90th birthday just 33 days ago, was in the news this week because his broken thigh bone, from a […]

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“Competitions are for Horses.”

Sunday, September 7th, 2014

By: Frank Cadenhead Debussy’s pithy remark was not the first complaint about classical music competitions but recently the whole idea of competitions has been taking a beating. The Paris newspaper Le Figaro, a few days ago, used the International Singing Competition in the city of Toulouse as a point of departure for questioning the need […]

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Pfishing in Bordeaux

Monday, August 25th, 2014

The Opéra National de Bordeaux was the object of an internet identity theft. Early last week many on the the opera’s hijacked mailing list received an email from the “Théâtre de Bordeaux.” It was a classic phishing maneuver: a clumsy attempt to appear to be from the opera in Bordeaux. The opera house is called […]

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Whose Piano?

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

By: Frank Cadenhead A woman in Normandy posted a notice selling her old piano for 800 Euros. Listed on the site Le Bon Coin (a sort of eBay but in French), the 1847 Érard sparked immediate interest and urgent offers. Surprised by the reaction, she decided to make a few phone calls to learn more […]

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Kit Armstrong, Church Owner

Monday, June 9th, 2014

By: Frank Cadenhead In a highly original career move, Kit Armstrong, the famed child-prodigy pianist, now 22, has bought a church in Hirson, a town of about 10,000 in the north of France. His first concert in his new home/hall was last Tuesday before some 600 people. Armstrong, born in Los Angeles to an English […]

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Changes on French classical radio?

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

  By: Frank Cadenhead Expect change with French public radio. Mathieu Gallet, only 37, hit the ground running as the new head of the seven-station public radio service, Radio France. “Obviously, we have no time to lose” he said and announced two major appointments in the classical music area. Gallet, appointed by an unanimous vote […]

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Benjamin Millepied in Paris

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

By: Frank Cadenhead The life of Benjamin Millepied is almost a film script itself. Imagine a kid, born in Bordeaux and raised for part of his youth in Senegal, where his mother taught African and modern dance. At 13 he starts ballet school in Lyon, at 16 moves to New York to continue his study […]

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The New Season at the Paris Opera

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

By: Frank Cadenhead The season 2014-15 at the Opéra National de Paris has a distinct French flavor. It is another highpoint in the increased attention that France is giving to their music in recent years. For several decades after the end of the war, seasons were almost exclusively German or Italian in flavor but in […]

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Opera and the Super Bowl

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

By: Frank Cadenhead It is now three decades I have lived in France but, when there is a chance, I like to re-connect with my roots. Last night was Super Bowl night and it was even live on French TV at midnight. I remember those overstuffed afternoons with friends or family where we, along with […]

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Paris – A Permanent Festival

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

By: Frank Cadenhead When one thinks of Paris, the sights, the Seine, the food, the romance come to mind. Even the tourist office never talks about the extraordinary classical music scene, certainly one of the greatest in any city in the world. It is a secret story that amazes with its treasures. Virtually every night, […]

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