Scholarships and Grants: Grants

The ASCAP Foundation
The ASCAP Foundation considers proposals from other 501 (c)(3) organizations engaged in music education and talent development programs that are consistent with the mission and objectives of The ASCAP Foundation and which support programs for aspiring songwriters, lyricists and composers.

BMI Foundation Grants
General Grants for non-profit music organizations

The purpose of the BMI Foundation’s grants program is to further the creation, performance and study of contemporary music. There is an emphasis on classical, jazz, and the musical theatre genres and a preference for programs which directly involve living American composers. Funding decisions are made with the aid of the distinguished songwriters, composers and publishers who serve as the Foundation’s Advisory Panel.

National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award
The President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Institute of Museum and Library Services, will invite applications for the 2013 National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards in November of 2012.

The twelve award-winning programs will receive $10,000 and an invitation to accept their award from the President’s Committee’s Honorary Chairman, First Lady Michelle Obama at a ceremony at the White House. In addition, winners will receive an award plaque, the opportunity to attend the Annual Awardee Conference in Washington, DC in the summer of 2013, and will be featured on the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award website.

After-school and out-of-school time arts and humanities programs sponsored by museums, libraries, performing arts organizations; educational institutions (e.g., preschools; elementary, middle, and high schools; universities; and colleges), arts centers, community service organizations, businesses, and eligible government entities are encouraged to consider submitting an application. Programs applying for the award must meet all of the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award’s Eligibility Criteria.

NEA Art Works Grant
The National Endowment for the Arts recognizes and supports a wide range of music, from classical to contemporary to America’s indigenous jazz. It supports both performing ensembles and music presenting institutions including chamber music ensembles, choruses, early music programs, jazz ensembles, music festivals, and symphony orchestras.

Organizations of all types and sizes may apply for a variety of music production, presentation, and service projects. The Arts Endowment is particularly interested in innovative presentation methods and the development of skills that can help organizations attract new audiences for music. In addition to projects that focus on the standard repertoire, the Arts Endowment encourages the commissioning and performance of new American works. lists all types of grants for undergraduate, as well as graduate, students. One grant that all students who experience financial need should apply for is the standard Pell Grant. The Pell Grant awards an average of $2,600 to students based on financial need. Though Pell Grants are not limited to art or music students, all students should take advantage of the Pell Grant.