Updated Jun 26, 2017

Chung Myung-whun Cleared – Again

Charges against former Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra music director Chung Myung-whun were dismissed by Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office on Friday (Jun. 23). In August 2016 … »Read

London Times Attacked for “Disgraceful” Opera Slur

The London Times has had its knuckles rapped for implying in the wake of a recent tower block fire that the local council had wasted money on opera while making “a fortune” on social … »Read

Muti Closes Chicago Season with Italy’s Greatest Hits

CHICAGO–The lap of luxury isn’t always the likes of a villa in Southern France or the soft leather seat of a deluxe car. It was available to anyone sitting in Chicago’s Symphony … »Read

Royal Phil. Braves Cellphone Program Note App

U.K. concertgoers are not known for an easy-going attitude – even the rustle of a program note page being turned can invite raised eyebrows, tut-tutting and downright hostility. The idea of … »Read

New Maestro for San Luis Obispo Symphony

Andrew Sewell, in his 17th season as music director of the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, is the new music director of the San Luis Obispo Symphony. He plans to commute from Madison, WI, to … »Read



Law and Disorder by GG Arts Law

Career Advice by Legendary Manager Edna Landau

Munich Times by Andrew Powell

An American in Paris by Frank Cadenhead


Each month, Musical America spotlights an important emerging talent. If you haven't heard of the New Artist of the Month before, we predict you will soon.

Stephen Waarts, violinist
New Artist of the Month
June 2017
Jeffrey Gavett, baritone
New Artist of the Month
May 2017
Pene Pati, tenor
New Artist of the Month
April 2017
Mariam Batsashvili, pianist
New Artist of the Month
March 2017
Beste Kalender, mezzo-soprano
New Artist of the Month
February 2017
Sheku Kanneh-Mason, cellist
New Artist of the Month
January 2017
Sarah Tuttle, soprano
New Artist of the Month
December 2016
George Li, pianist
New Artist of the Month
November 2016
Pablo Rus Broseta, cond.
New Artist of the Month
October 2016
Aziz Shokhakimov, conductor
New Artist of the Month
September 2016
Anthony Barrese, conductor
New Artist of the Month
August 2016
Craig Terry, conductor/pianist
New Artist of the Month
July 2016


Since 1960, each year Musical America honors several outstanding musicians with an award for excellence.


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