Updated Jul 28, 2016

TKTS Booth to Come to Lincoln Center

In a “what took them so long” move that makes complete sense, and may help keep Manhattan residents safe from the crush of Times Square tourists, Lincoln Center will open up a branch … »Read

Bayreuth Festival Opens with Parsifal Regie-dud

This review is based on an HD transmission into a cinema in Vienna equipped with state-of-the-art surround-sound. VIENNA--At their best, Regietheater practitioners, beginning with Patrice … »Read

Frank Hodsoll, NEA Chairman under Reagan, Dies

Frank Hodsoll, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts from 1981 to 1989, died July 24 in Falls Church, VA, at age 78. The cause was cancer. Hodsoll, a lawyer and Foreign Service officer, … »Read

What Are the Real Reasons for the Dearth of Women Conductors?

An article in Bloomberg about the increased number of women conductors points erroneously to more women orchestral players as the primary reason, the writer presuming less resistance among male … »Read

Theater Giant James M. Nederlander Dies at 94

NEW YORK — James M. Nederlander, who took over the fledgling Nederlander Organization from his father and built it into one of the largest producers of live entertainment and a dominant … »Read




'Law and Disorder’ by GG Arts Law

'Career Advice' by Legendary Manager Edna Landau

‘Munich Times by Andrew Powell


Each month, Musical America spotlights an important emerging talent. If you haven't heard of the New Artist of the Month before, we predict you will soon.

Craig Terry, conductor/pianist
New Artist of the Month
July 2016
Kah Chun Wong, conductor
New Artist of the Month
June 2016
Verona Quartet
New Artist of the Month
May 2016
Simone Rubino, percussionist
New Artist of the Month
April 2016
Michael Gilbertson, composer
New Artist of the Month
March 2016
Pam Tanowitz, choreographer
New Artist of the Month
February 2016
Tobias Greenhalgh, baritone
New Artist of the Month
January 2016
James Darrah, director
New Artist of the Month
December 2015
Rene M. Orth, composer
New Artist of the Month
November 2015
Sam Suggs, double bass
New Artist of the Month
October 2015
Mirga Grazinyté-Tyla, conductor
New Artist of the Month
September 2015
Tansel Akzeybek, tenor
New Artist of the Month
August 2015
Christopher Allen, conductor
New Artist of the Month
July 2015
Joseph Dennis, tenor
New Artist of the Month
June 2015


Since 1960, each year Musical America honors several outstanding musicians with an award for excellence.


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