September 30, 1916
Page 19
“His Majesty the Motor” and Some of His Artist Devotees

WHO says that musical artists do not make money? It is generally admitted that the purchase of a car, together with its upkeep, makes a heavy drain upon the finances of the ordinary mortal. (Many do not accomplish it without mortgaging some of their other property.) Now, the seven photographs combined above give occular evidence that the various artists have advanced thus far on the road to plutocracy—while each picture is accompanied by an affidavit that the car really belongs to its presumptive owner and is not borrowed for photographic purposes.
In No. 1 it is Giuseppe Campanari, the noted baritone and teacher, who is the motorist, at East Hampton, L. I., where he has been spending his vacation. Mr. Campanari is shortly to be featured by a prominent motion picture concern. He has closed a contract for ten pictures, of which “Carmen” will be the first. He will be seen in all the roles which he made famous.
Another operatic figure of Italian birth is seen in No.2, the prominent conductor and vocal teacher, Fernando Tanara, who is driving his Simplex at Spring Lake Beach, N. J., with his wife, Mme. Gilda Longari-Tanara. Marie Kaiser, the soprano, at the wheel, is found in No. 3, motoring with a friend in the Adirondacks. Carl M. Roeder, the piano teacher, is the pilot of a touring party in the White Mountains in No. 4, his daughter Dorothy being the figure in white standing in the back seat.

Thuel Burnham, the pianist and teacher, we find steering his Mercer at Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., in No. 5. Although Octave Blanchard, the English soprano, is now in this country, the picture of her in No. 6 was taken near her home in England. Yvonne de Treville is stepping into her car at Elizabeth, N. J., as we discover her in No. 7.


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