Updated Aug 12, 2022

Climate Change Sees Performances Smoked/Rained Out

The growing evidence of climate change—intense heat, extreme flooding, wildfires and their accompanying smoke—pose an increasing threat to the outdoor performances that are a part of … »Read

At Tanglewood, Contemporary Music Takes Center Stage

LENOX, Mass. – “Find something in the music that you can shake hands with,” said John Harbison, longtime Tanglewood Music Center (TMC) faculty member, referring to a specific … »Read

Dalia Stasevska Wows the Bowl Crowd, If Not the Critic

Done for the summer, Gustavo Dudamel has handed the podium at the Hollywood Bowl off to a parade of guest conductors. First up was the Finnish maestra Dalia Stasevska, who had originally been … »Read

Montgomery and Mazzoli to Be in Residence at Bard

Jessie Montgomery and Missy Mazzoli are to be composers in residence at the Bard Conservatory beginning in fall 2022. Montgomery, a composer, violinist, and educator, interweaves classical music … »Read

Conductor Larry Rachleff Dies at 67

Larry Rachleff, who served over three decades as conductor of the Rice Shepherd School of Music symphony and chamber orchestras, died on Aug. 8 after a long struggle with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. … »Read

Santa Fe Opera III: A New Tristan, 'Brilliant in Its Simplicity'

SANTA FE—Since its inception, Santa Fe Opera has avoided Wagner, except for the relatively short Der fliegende Holländer . Curtain times here must wait until sunset for the lighting to … »Read

Music Directors: 2 Renewals, 1 New

The Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra (IPO) has renewed the contract of Stilian Kirov [pictured], music director since 2017-18, through the 2026-27 season. Kirov is also at the artistic helm of the … »Read

Royal Albert Hall CEO Exits for Stateside Job

Craig Hassall, CEO of London’s Royal Albert Hall since 2017, has announced his resignation, effective at the end of 2022. He is leaving to assume the role of president and chief executive of … »Read

Two New Exec Directors

The Reno (N) Philharmonic has hired Ignacio Barrón Viela [pictured], executive director of the Billings (MT) Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, to be its next president and CEO, effective … »Read

Manhattan School Names Head of Jazz

Jazz trumpeter and pedagogue Ingrid Jensen   has been named dean of the Manhattan School of Music’s (MSM) Jazz Arts division, a position she moves into with immediate effect. Jensen has … »Read



Law and Disorder by GG Arts Law

Career Advice by Legendary Manager Edna Landau

An American in Paris by Frank Cadenhead


Each month, Musical America spotlights an important emerging talent. If you haven't heard of the New Artist of the Month before, we predict you will soon.

Anna Geniushene, pianist
New Artist of the Month
August 2022
Limmie Pulliam, tenor
New Artist of the Month
July 2022
Julie Roset, soprano
New Artist of the Month
June 2022
Jordan Bak, violist
New Artist of the Month
May 2022
Rupert Boyd, guitarist
New Artist of the Month
April 2022
Lee Mills, conductor
New Artist of the Month
March 2022
Dani Howard, composer
New Artist of the Month
February 2022
Dominick Chenes, tenor
New Artist of the Month
January 2022
Tom Borrow, pianist
New Artist of the Month
December 2021
Jesús Rodolfo, violist
New Artist of the Month
November 2021
Francesca Chiejina, soprano
New Artist of the Month
October 2021
Martin García García, pianist
New Artist of the Month
September 2021


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