Updated Oct 30, 2020

Wagnerism: A Fresh Approach to a Much-laden Icon

Toward the end of his life, Richard Wagner told his wife he believed his works would be “dropped” after his death, that he would “live on in human memory only as a … »Read

Latest Plaintiffs vs. Trump: High-profile Musicians

LOS ANGELES (AP) — From the beloved opening lines of Leonard Cohen's “Hallelujah” to the rousing, children's-choir conclusion of the Rolling Stones' “You Can't Always Get … »Read

What Is with These Male Violin Profs and Their Young Students?

On Oct. 29 Stephen Shipps, a former violin professor at the University of Michigan (UM), was arrested and charged with two counts of transporting a minor girl across state lines with the intent to … »Read

Another New Normal: Street Gigging

Over the past several months, many isolated and underemployed musicians have come to rely on pop-up performances to connect with audiences and earn a little money. For some, playing outside is … »Read

Carnegie Hall to Remain Dark Until April

It is no surprise to learn, unfortunately, that Carnegie Hall--including Weill Recital Hall, Stern Auditorium, and Zankel Hall--will remain shuttered through April 5, news just made official as … »Read

Lincoln Center Cancels Great Performers, et al.

Lincoln Center, still dark with pandemic restrictions, has officially cancelled its spring offerings as a presenter through May 9, 2021. These include the Great Performers, America Songbook, and … »Read

Covid-19 Numbers Reach 21 in La Scala Orchestra, Chorus

MILAN (AP) — The number of performers at Milan’s famed La Scala opera house who have tested positive for the coronavirus has risen to 21, even as the theater was forced to close due to … »Read

The Nuns Light the World & Climb the Charts

The pandemic regularly reminds us of the important role music plays in helping people deal with stress and adversity. Nothing illustrates this more clearly than the unprecedented popularity of … »Read

The Perils of Concerts Alfresco

Two recent concerts in Winter Park, FL, illustrate the perils and pleasures of outdoor concerts, increasingly common in the age of pandemic. First, the perils. A recent Sunday afternoon concert by … »Read

'BSONOW': Latest Entry in the Streaming Sweepstakes

This morning at 10:30, musicians of the Boston Symphony Orchestra convened on the stage of Symphony Hall for the first time since last March. After elbow bumps and all-‘round reunion cheer, … »Read



Law and Disorder by GG Arts Law

Career Advice by Legendary Manager Edna Landau

An American in Paris by Frank Cadenhead


Each month, Musical America spotlights an important emerging talent. If you haven't heard of the New Artist of the Month before, we predict you will soon.

Tabea Debus, recorder player
New Artist of the Month
October 2020
Katherine Balch, composer
New Artist of the Month
September 2020
Daniela Candillari, conductor 
New Artist of the Month
August 2020
Vuvu Mpofu, soprano
New Artist of the Month
July 2020
Xabier Anduaga, tenor
New Artist of the Month
June 2020
Stella Chen, violinist
New Artist of the Month
May 2020
Theo Hoffman, baritone
New Artist of the Month
April 2020
Zack Winokur, director
New Artist of the Month
March 2020
John Brancy, baritone
New Artist of the Month
February 2020
Maxim Lando, pianist
New Artist of the Month
January 2020
Hao Zhou, violinist
New Artist of the Month
December 2019
Michele Gamba, conductor
New Artist of the Month
November 2019


Since 1960, each year Musical America honors several outstanding musicians with an award for excellence.


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