October 16, 1915
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Lists of Compositions by Resident Composers Which Noted Concert Artists Prefer to Sing Horsman, Damrosch, MacDowell, Huhn and Spross Lead, According to the Investigation

Songs Which Received Four or More Votes:

Bird of the Wilderness (Horsman) 7
Danny Deever (Damrosch) 6
Long Ago (MacDowell) 4
Invictus (Huhn) 4
Will-o’-the-Wisp (Spross) 4

In the series of song recitals given by him at the New York University during the past summer the distinguished baritone Reinald Werrenrath devoted his final program to American numbers, prefacing the recital with a brief talk, in which he spoke of his particular offerings as his favorites. Comment on Mr. Werrenrath’s choice in the review of this recital published in MUSICAL AMERICA led the singer to write an article, which appeared in this journal, in which he explained that he was endeavoring to present a program of songs that would “represent the best output of the best American composers.”
Through a misunderstanding, however, the artist’s selections were widely regarded as his idea of ten intrinsically best American song products. Nevertheless, Mr. Werrenrath had made it clear that his choice was not to be viewed in that light, but rather as conditioned by the suitability of the songs to his voice and their appeal to his particular artistic personality.
The matter suggested the interesting experiment of investigating the preferences in the matter of American songs of certain leading concert artists in this country, of discovering which songs they best liked to sing. The results of this canvass are given herewith. From them may be deduced various interesting conclusions.
However much those who have ranged widely over the field of American song composition may be inclined to deplore the absence of certain works that touch greatness, they cannot fail to be impressed by the frequent mention of some other songs. The great French baritone, Maurice Renaud, once remarked that “musicians do not love master-works.” The reader may decide for himself to what extent this hypothesis is here justified. Following is the soprano verdict:
Anna Case
“To designate the ten best American songs would almost be impossible, as we have so many interesting songs by good composers,” said Anna Case. “The following I have sung with great pleasure and success in my concerts:
The Sacred Fire Alexander Russell
Ah! Love But a Day Mrs. Beach
Hindu Slumber Song Harriet Ware
That’s the World in June Charles Gilbert Spross
My Lovely Nancy Max Herzberg
The First Spring Kurt Schindler
Slumber Song MacDowell
Star Trysts Marion Bauer
The Bird of the Wilderness Edward Horsman
The Wind That Shakes the Barley Arthur Claassen
Florence Hinkle
“Here are ten songs which I sing constantly, and love to do, although I cannot get all my favorite American songs within the allowance,” said Florence Hinkle:
Sunset Alexander Russell
Her Love Song Mary Turner Salter
A Birthday Woodman
Summertime Ward-Stephens
Sing to Me, Sing Horner
A Ruined Garden Arthur Farwell
Yesterday and To-day Spross
Ah! Love But a Day Beach
Allah Kramer
The Bird of the Wilderness Edward Horsman
Olive Kline
Olive Kline, the soprano, selects these as her ten favorites:
Long Ago Sidney Homer
Bird of the Wilderness Edward Horsman
Summertime Ward-Stephens
Down in the Forest Landon Ronald
Virgins Cradle Hymn F. Morris Class
Romance F. Morris Class
Remembrance Will Macfarlane
Condescend Will Macfarlane
Will-o’-the-Wisp Charles Gilbert Spross
To a Messenger Frank La Forge
Alma Gluck
"The following are among my favorite American songs," declares Alma Gluck:
The Land of the Sky Blue Water Cadman
Allah Chadwick
Mammy’s Lullaby Horner
The Lark Now Leaves His Wat’ry Nest Parker
Long Ago MacDowell
The Bird of the Wilderness Edward Horsman
Will-o’-the-Wisp Spross
Green River Carpenter
My Laddie Thayer
Carry Me Back to Old Virginny Bland
Alice Nielsen
"Here is my list of songs American," wrote Alice Nielsen:
Mighty Lak’ a Rose Nevin
Ecstasy Rummel
The Sweetest Flower That Blows Rogers
The Land of the Sky Blue Water Cadman
Expectancy La Forge
The Swan MacDowell
Spirit Flower Campbell-Tipton
Will-o’-the-Wisp Spross
Her Rose Coombs
To My Love Matthews
Corinne Rider-Kelsey
"The wording of your request for the ten songs by American composers which I ‘prefer to sing’ ought to make it very easy for one to comply, but the caption ‘Symposium’ sounds very argumentative and would seem to indicate a discussion of relative values rather than more personal preference in the performance of the songs," offers Mme. Corinne Rider-Kelsey. "Permit me to say that the following list is the answer to your question, and in no way implies that there are not many other American songs of equal or even greater merit":
Long Ago MacDowell
Bluebell MacDowell
Retreat La Forge
Am See La Forge
Im der Nacht Van der Stucken
The Year’s at the Spring Beach
I’m Wearing A wa’, Jean Foote
The Lark Now Leaves His Wat’ry Nest Parker
June Downing
The Joy of Spring Woodman
Mezzo-Soprano and Contralto Preferences
Mme. Schumann-Heink
"Allow me to say that I think the following are the best American songs," announces Mme. Ernestine Schurnann-Heink:
When I Am Dead Chadwick
Allah Chadwick
The Rosary Ethelbert Nevin
Before the Crucifix Frank La Forge
Cry of Rachel Mary Turner Salter
Love But a Day Mrs. Beach
Do You Remember? Carrie Jacobs Bond
War J. H. Rogers
Mavourneen M. R. Lang
Dawn in the Desert Gertrude Ross
Christine Miller
"I send you a list of the ten American· songs I prefer to sing," writes Christine Miller. "This, as you know, is a very difficult list to select, as I feel there are considerably more than ten such songs that I have great pleasure in singing and which I feel are worthy of serious consideration. However, I have selected the following:
The Day Is No More John A. Carpenter
How’s My Boy Sidney Horner
A Nocturne A. Walter Kramer
A Birthday Arthur Whiting
The Danza George A. Chadwick
Song of the Persian Slave Mabel W. Daniels
The Bird of the Wilderness Edward Horsman
Only of Thee and Me Marion Bauer
The Moon Drops Low Charles W. Cadman
The Nightingale’s Song Ethelbert Nevin
Eleanora de Cisneros
"The question ‘Which are the best American Songs is difficult to answer," according to Eleanora de Cisneros. "To my mind, the American songs have improved 50 per cent in the last five years. There are now such a number of beautiful compositions that it is difficult to make a limited selection. Particularly is the superiority noticed in the exquisite poems and prose settings which appeal so much to the dramatic singer who would make a picture of every song. Some of the following list were sung by me for the first time there on my Australian concert tour and had great success, while the others have appealed equally to my other audiences. I am sorry to be limited to ten only."
Dansons la Gigue John Alden Carpenter
Her Voice John Alden Carpenter
The Land of the Sky-Blue Water Charles W. Cadman
Will o’ the Wisp Charles Gilbert Spross
Thy Beaming Eyes Edward MacDowell
Only of Thee and Me Marion Bauer
The Cry of Rachel M. T. Salter
A Book of Verses Underneath the Bough James Rogers
The Grey Wolf H. T. Burleigh
La Vie Ethelbert Nevin
Merle Alcock
"I am inclosing a list of songs that have given me the best success, but don’t quote me as saying they are the ten best songs. I can only judge from the response of an audience," says Merle Alcock.
The Year’s at the Spring Mrs. Beach
Only of Thee and Me Marion Bauer
The Unremembered F. Morris Class
On the Seashore of Endless Worlds Carpenter
Peace Hawley
How Many Thousand Years Ago Huhn
Dancing on the Hilltops Homer
In Dreams Kramer
Flower Rain Loud
In Fountain Court Russell
Mary Jordan
"Here is the list of American songs · you asked for," observes Mary Jordan. "These are only some of my favorites, for I have many others I could name, but these are songs I have used on my different programs with much success."
Long Ago Edward MacDowell
O let Night Speak of Me Chadwick
How’s My Boy Sidney Homer
The Grey Wolf Harry Burleigh
Cry of Rachel Mary Turner Salter
The Sacred Fire Alexander Russell
My Star Mrs. H. H. A. Beach
The Rosary Ethelbert Nevin
At Parting Rogers
Invocation to Eros Kürsteiner
From the Tenors:
John McCormack
The following is a list of ten songs by American composers hastily compiled by John McCormack. They represent the selections he likes to use on his program:
The Moon Drops Low Cadman
O Moon Upon the Water Cadman
Fill a Glass of Golden Wine Hadley
When the Dew Is Falling Schneider
Her Eyes Twin Pools Burleigh
Long Ago MacDowell
When I am Dead Chadwick
The Spirit Flower Campbell-Tipton
The Crying of Water Campbell-Tipton
The Sleep That Flits on Baby’s Eyes Carpenter
Paul Althouse
"Inclosed herewith you will find a list of the ten American songs which you asked for," writes Paul Althouse.
Springtime of Love Fay Foster
Bird of the Wilderness Edward Horsman
Love Song William Haesche
Sacrament James MacDermid
Lamp of Love Mary Turner Salter
Proposal Bruno Huhn
Before the Dawn Chadwick
Thoughts of You Charles Gilbert Spross
You, Just You Harry Burleigh
A Gypsy Song Alexander Russell
Lambert Murphy
"Below is a list of the songs you asked for," writes Lambert Murphy. "They are the ten I should prefer to sing, although not necessarily, of course, the ones I should pick, had you asked for the ten ‘best’ American songs."
Thy Beaming Eyes MacDowell
Before the Dawn Chadwick
In Pride of Spring La Forge
Bird of the Wilderness Edward Horsman
Old Roses F. Morris Class
Sunset Alexander Russell
Love, Awake C. Linn Seiler
Daybreak Mabel Daniels
A Moonlight Song Cadman
O Love, Stay by and Sing Arthur Foote
Dan Beddoe
Dan Beddoe selects this list of ten songs as his favorites, although he adds that he could extend the list considerably:
Call Me No More Cadman
The Hour Glass Burleigh
In My Garden John Adam Loud
An Irish Love Song Margaret Ruthven Lang
Yesterday and To-day Spross
The Nightingale Stephens
Send Me a Dream Marion Bauer
Ah ! Love but a Day Protheroe
The Year’s at the Spring Mrs. Beach
Dearest Sidney Homer
Reed Miller
Reed Miller presents this list as representing ten songs by American composers, which he prefers to sing.
The Red Man’s Requiem Marion Bauer
Hail, ye Tyme of Holidays Gena Branscombe
Remembrance Will Macfarlane
Recompense Hammond
Inter nos MacFadyen
Blue are Her Eyes W. Watts
Sie Haben mich Gequälet Strickland
Beautiful Art Thou, My Love Hyde
A Kiss Divine Harling
Heart of Hearts Manney
John Barnes Wells
"Following are ten songs that I’m very fond of, but as for the ten favorite American songs, I know after I have sent this list I shall think of several that should have gone in," says John Barnes Wells. "It is a difficult matter to say ten are far above the rest, for no two are exactly alike, except a few of my own songs. Were I candid with you and myself in naming my ten favorite American songs, I should use eight of my own songs and a couple of George Cohan’s, but my modesty forbids. Hence, I am sending these:
Sunset Russell
The Cross Harriet Ware
Sometimes I Watch Thee Bruno Huhn
In the Foggy Dew Harvey Worthington Loomis
Sunrise Edward MacDowell
Yesterday and To-day Charles Gilbert Spross
The Hermit F. Morns Class
Love if for Nothing Else W. Franke Harling
To a Messenger Frank La Forge
If I Were King Campbell-Tipton
"These are not in the order of their merit or favoritism," adds Mr. Wells, on second thought, "but it’s just a bunch of good songs that I like to sing and audiences like to hear."
From the Baritones and Bassos:
Reinald Werrenrath
"I have omitted three of my favorite songs by American composers because of the foreign text; ‘Oben wo die Sterne Gliihen,’ by Edward MacDowell; ‘Schlupfwinkel,’ by Frank La Forge, and ‘Ultima Rosa,’ by H. Reginald Spier," explains Reinald Warrenrath, who presents this list:
Adoration Kurt Schindler
Danny Deever Walter Damrosch
Fuzzy-Wuzzy Arthur Whiting
In the Foggy Dew Harvey Worthington Loomis
Night and the Curtain Drawn G. Ferrata
Noon and Night C. B. Hawley
The Sea Edward MacDowell
To a Messenger Frank La Forge
To You, Dear Heart F. Morris Class
Witch-Woman Deems Taylor
David Bispham
"In reply to your question as to which songs by American composers I prefer to sing, I would say that it is rather difficult to choose among so many excellent compositions by our own musicians," writes David Bispham.
"I may, however, say that ‘Danny Deever, ‘by Walter Damrosch, should perhaps head the list. Then Sidney Homer comes next with his beautiful ‘Banjo Song,’ which is of a totally different character. His ‘Pauper’s Drive’ offers a splendid contrast, and is a noble song. The ‘Pirate Song,’ by Henry F. Gilbert, is another I can recommend for its great originality, and which is a particular favorite of mine. Some of Mrs. Freer ‘s songs, notably ‘When I am Dead, Dearest,’ is beautiful in its way, as is Harriet Ware’s ‘Boat Song.’ Then, of course, I might name Mr. Stock’s recently composed ‘Route Marchin,’ a splendid soldier-song.
"One of the most beautiful of modern examples of song writing is Louis Elbel’s ‘Calm Be Thy Sleep,’ and Cooke’s ‘An Exhortation’ is a great favorite of mine as a comedy piece and character study. Gena Branscomb’s ‘Sleep Then, Oh Sleep’ is another of my favorites and is often sung. That makes ten. There are lots more, but these are all fine for me."
Herbert Witherspoon
"Following is a list of the ten American songs I prefer to sing," states Herbert Witherspoon.
Pirate Song Gilbert
Prospice Homer
How’s My Boy Homer
Danny Deever Damrosch
Forever and a Day Mack
Ballad of Trees and the Master Chadwick
Eyes of Blue Orth
Ethiopia Saluting the Colors Burleigh
Lochinvar Chadwick
The Pauper’s Drive Homer
Claude Cunningham
"Your request for the names of ten songs by American composers which I ‘prefer to sing’ does not commit one to much," observes Claude Cunningham. "Yet, methinks the suggestion might have been a worthy addition to Mr. Whistler’s ‘Gentle Art of Making Enemies.’Nevertheless, I comply with pleasure. Here they are:
Go, Lovely Rose Carpenter
Sehnsucht La Forge
To a Messenger La Forge
Come L’Amore Tirindelli
Desire Clough-Leighter
Resignation Clough-Leighter
Ich wand’re durch die Stille Nacht Fox
Sehnsucht Rubner
Pirate’s Song Gilbert
The Bony Fiddler Homer
"If it be objected that Mr. Tirindelli is not an American*, you may substitute Carpenter’s ‘Dansons la gigue,’ adds Mr. Cunningham. "If the same objection be made to Dr. Rubner, you may place Victor Harris’ ‘Song of Omar Khayyam’ in the list, instead of Rubner’s ‘Sehnsucht.’"
Charles W. Clark
"In regard to the American songs, the songs I prefer to sing may and may not be the best. However, I am inclosing a list of songs that I find the most effective,’’ writes Charles W. Clark.
A Ballad Arthur Hartmann
A Fool’s Soliloquy Campbell-Tipton
Recompense Hammond
Uncle Rome Homer
The Fairest One of All the Stars Schindler
The Song of Tristram Borowski
The Pilgrimage Arthur Dunham
The Eagle Carl Busch
Irish Folk Song Arthur Foote
That Sweet Story John West
Percy Bemus
"I enjoy singing many American songs," says Percy Hemus. Among my favorites are:
Gitche Manito the Mighty Carl Busch
Sunset at Kokkedal Carl Busch
A Venezuelan Guerilla Song C. Linn Seiler
Hour of Dreams Ward-Stephens
A Fragment Arthur Hartmann
Peace, Ye Martyred Ones Fay Foster
Flower Rain Edwin Schneider
The Pauper’s Drive Sidney Homer
Danny Deever Walter Damrosch
Invictus Bruno Huhn
Allen Hinckley
"I inclose list as you request," says Allen Hinckley. "Would like very much to include Spross and Woodman, but if you must have only ten, omit them.’’
Egyptian War Song Homer
Requiem Hadley
Come Where the Lindens Bloom Buck
Danny Deever Damrosch
Allah Chadwick
I’m Wearin’ Awa’ Foote
The Star Rogers
lnvictus Huhn
The Sea MacDowell
The Day Is No More Carpenter
Francis Rogers
"You ask me for a list of the ten songs by American composers that appeal to me most strongly. Here it is,’’ offers Francis Rogers:
A Health to King Charles Boott
Invictus Huhn
The Rosary Ethelbert Nevin
Song from Omar Victor Harris
In a Garden Hawley
Clown’s Serenade Luckstone
Prospice Sidney Homer
Before the Dawn Chadwick
Boat Song Harriet Ware
The Day Is No More Carpenter
"These ten songs are all winners—good texts, good music, and sure (when sung understandingly) of their effect," adds Mr. Rogers. "They can hold their own in the best company. All these ten composers, and other American composers, too, have written songs quite, or nearly, as good as those I have selected, but my ten I consider to be fairly representative of the best work done by American composers.’’
Charles N. Granville
"Replying to your very interesting question, ‘Which arc the ten best American songs,’ let me say that I find it very difficult ·to answer, as there are so many beautiful and interesting songs which I consider in the ‘best’ class,’’ states Charles N. Granville.
"Complying with your request for ‘ten songs which I prefer to sing,’ I am sending herewith a list of songs which appeal to me in a poetical as well as musical sense, and in which the composer—through the music—seems to have created an atmosphere that truly and beautifully expresses the thought of the poem. That, to my way of thinking, is the aim of real musical expression in song. I do not mean to say, however, that there are not many other songs which are worthy to be classed as best.
"These are the songs which appeal to my voice, style and temperament and which my public has received favorably."
The Sea MacDowell
The Rosary Nevin
Danny Deever Damrosch
Invictus Huhn
Ecstacy Beach
Far Off I Hear a Lover’s Lute Cadman
Allah Kramer
Boat Song Ware
Lorraine, Lorraine, Loree Spross
Editor’s Note.—MUSICAL AMERICA’S definition of the word American, as applied to musicians, is anyone who resides in this country, whether native born or not, who is in sympathy with our ideals, customs and methods, and who has decided permanently to identify himself with our musical life.


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