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Symphony Space
Laura Kaminsky
Associate Artistic Director
Musical America is a valuable resource for me as I program each season, as well as provides me with information that is useful in my own work as a composer. 

University of Georgia Performing Arts Center
George Foreman
I’ve had one Musical America every year for the past 30 years. It’s the only book you ever need for running this sort of business. If you have this book you don’t need a brain.

Vail Valley Music Festival, Colorado
Music from Angel Fire, New Mexico
Ocean Reef Chamber Music Festival, Key Largo, Florida
Avila Chamber Music Celebration, Curacao, Dutch Antilles
Lynne S. Mazza, Associate Artistic Director
I am on the road often, so MusicalAmerica.com is my travel guru and the annual hard copy is a major part of my music reference library. It is not only useful of course contact info, but also for general industry coverage and programming ideas. It definitely helps to keep me on top of our industry. A truly comprehensive guide to American classical music – the value of this resource is staggering.

Abba Bogin, Artistic Director
I want to thank you for supplying us with the annual edition of Musical America. It is the most valuable publication in helping us to contact artists and managers in order to plan our annual summer chamber music festival. It also gives us a chance to learn what other similar organizations are planning. Hopefully such information helps us to maintain the highest standards in planning our concert programs. Keep up the good work!

Quogue Chamber Music, Inc.
Jane Deckoff
I recently went from being a manager to being a presenter, so of course I am looking at Musical America somewhat differently. Nevertheless, this publication is no less valuable. Besides the obvious need to research the whereabouts of particular artists, it is important that I stay on top of what is happening to "music in America" and I know I can count on you to provide information and insights. I keep it next to my bed for those "waking up at 3:00 am" moments.

Lincoln Center
Jane S. Moss, Vice President & Programming
An essential resource for anyone working in the music field. It is hard to imagine how one would perform one's job without it....well organized and remarkably thorough.

Carnegie Hall
Clive Gillinson
Executive & Artistic Director
It is the one musical resource that can truly be called irreplaceable.

Los Angeles Philharmonic Association
Deborah Borda
President & CEO
As a young Artistic Administrator, my Musical America was as invaluable to me as Gray's Anatomy is to a young doctor. Many, many seasons later, I still use it!

Carrie Sykes
Schwalbe and Partners, Inc.
Executive Vice President
...you’ll be pleased to know that Musical America is my homepage—I look at it every day!

Myke Bailey
Rogue International Talent/Group
When I have it, I don’t need anything else.

IMG Artists
Sara Barasch
Sales Associate
It’s nice to have everything in one place. We get a lot of calls because our roster is listed.

Pong Productions
Alison M. Friedman
The Musical America Worldwide directory is a tremendously valuable resource. I can think of no other American organization that attempts to compile such a cross-section of international organizations and festivals. Brava!

DTG Productions
Dr. Tish Oney
Artistic Director of The Peggy Lee Project
I love Musical America and treasure it greatly! It enables me to network with concert presenters, musicians, agents and managers, and open up lines of communication between my artists and the venues that benefit from presenting their shows. It's a wonderful resource without which I could not do my daily work!

California Artists Management
Susan Endrizzi Morris
My company cannot exist without Musical America. We use it when looking up contact information, routing tours, determining who/what presenters are putting on their stages, learning how other artists market themselves. Musical America is an invaluable tool for the industry.

Capstone Theatricals
This directory is invaluable to me. It allows me to keep up to date with personnel changes at venues and finding venues that might have otherwise slipped under the radar. It also gives me a complete listing of, not only the people that I will directly do business with, but also various colleagues and others that I might do business with in the future.

Genevieve Spielberg Inc
Genevieve Spielberg, President
A valuable resource we have relied upon regularly for contacts in the classical music industry.

Broadway Outposts - Simply Showbiz
William C. Martin, principal
Musical America provides performing arts series contacts and information which is invaluable in booking artists and building a tour. It also provides an avenue to promote an artist to the industry and expand our awareness of our worldwide colleagues.

Melvin Kaplan, Inc
Matthew Kulas
Musical America is the first place that I go to find information about a presenter.

Agence Station bleue
And Anne Robert for Trio Hochelaga
Annick-Patricia Carrière
Having the Musical America directory is a great, great value to find the lists of presenters, festivals, schools, etc. Every year, it is so great the get an up-dated edition and Stephanie is so charming!

Concert Artists Guild
Steven D. Shaiman
Senior Vice President, Artist Manager
Even in this technological age we live in, Musical America is still the “bible” of our industry and the annual directory still occupies a place of prominence on my desk. While this may seem “old school,” I can often find the information I need more quickly by flipping through the pages of the directory than by checking the on-line version, although it is certainly very much a value added resource now to have all the information accessible on-line as well.

Künstleragentur Dr. Raab & Dr. Böhm Vienna
Mark Stephan Buhl
One of the most informative, comprehensive and useful tools in the music business - for me it is indispensable!

Joanne Rile Artist Management
Joanne Rile
Manager of the Ahn Trio
We have advertised in Musical America since the beginning because it provides year-round promotion for the artists and up-to-date information for us on presenters and promoters. If you are a performer and not in Musical America, it's as though you don't exist.

Crossover Media
Bonnie Blankenship
I read MusicalAmerica.com before I read The New York Times! It's invaluable to me.

Chin Kim, violinist
Musical America gives me a clear picture of what's going on in the artistic world. It is an invaluable source to the music community. 

Gudrun Eichbauer, Artist Consultant & Representative
Prologue Integrated Consulting
For the past 24 years as concert presenter and artist consultant Musical America has been THE place to advertise my business and my artist clients in as well as providing me with relevant & detailed information on presenters and all the important news of our field. Musical America's superior staff—thank you Stephanie—provides superior customer service and has managed to make the transition from a purely printed medium to providing even more relevant and expanded information about their advertisers on the exceptionally efficient website. This is a business whose standard of excellence is matching the high achievements of its industry's professional advertisers. Musical America is the one directory which helps me explain to my clients what to look for when assessing how to invest your advertising dollars.

PMI: Performance Management International
Manuel Prestamo, Ph.D., President
This publication and the online resources are essential tools for all of us at PMI and all of our artists and colleagues in the performing arts field.  I had the good fortune to discover the publication when I was a student and have benefitted from having it for many more years than I care to admit.

GEMS Live!
Wendy Redlinger, Senior Artist Representative
GEMS Live! is a service of Gotham Early Music Scene, founded in 2007 as an advocacy organization for early music in New York. Starting with representing six ensembles, we now have a roster of ten New York-based groups. I started contacting presenters and booking in November of 2007 for the 2008-2009 season. I began with both the Musical America Directory and the on-line directory, contacting presenters who had an 'e' beside their listing indicating they book early music groups from time to time. It was crucial to know which presenters would be open to considering early music—somewhat of a niche market within chamber music. Musical America has been my BIBLE! I would not have known where to start without it. My eternal gratitude for publishing this important tool for bringing the arts to the public and updating it every year!

Quartet San Francisco
Jeremy Cohen
Musical America is a critical tool for anyone who wants to have any breadth of knowledge about the performing and presenting field. From the artist's standpoint it’s absolutely essential to staying informed. I refer to this book regularly throughout the year.

Randy Swartz
Schutz NA
Dance Affiliates
Aeson Flooring
I have used Musical America as a vital resource for many years. It is the standard reference for contacts and information about our industry.

Moscow Ballet
Akiva Talmi
Musical America is the must-use, best, most professional, comprehensive service for the entertainment world. I use it daily.

Tien Hsieh
Musical America has been a most helpful tool for a freelance musician like myself. It continues to be the most comprehensive and informative reference for classical music. In addition to being an invaluable resource for the classical music industry, it is also a useful guide for music students who possess a desire to understand the scope of the business during and beyond school. I love it!

Brad Dutz 4TET
Brad Dutz
I am extremely impressed by the massive complete listing of venues that I did not know about in every state I have visited, I look forward to using the guide in my future travels abroad and here at home.

 David Skidmore
Musical America is a tremendously helpful resource. We couldn't live without it!

Third Coast Percussion
Office of Midori / Partners in Performance
Kelly Gehrs
Projects Director
In my work as Projects Director for the violinist Midori, I turn to Musical America often, for two projects in particular: Partners in Performance and the Orchestra Residencies Program. Both organizations utilize an application process, under which there are budget and geographic criteria for eligibility. Not only does Musical America allow me to verify each applicant, but it is also an excellent resource for focused mailings and email announcements about the programs.

Cady Finlayson & Vita Tanga (fiddleandguitar.com
Cady Finlayson
Musician (Spirited Irish fiddle with a Global Twist)
Musical America is my favorite directory because it includes  a wealth of information about Performing Arts Series (what styles of music, how many concerts, what budgets). As a musician, the detailed information offered in Musical America saves me time and helps me navigate the vast volume of opportunities available.

Paul Dresher Ensemble and Ariel Ventures
Karen Bentley Pollick
Violinist, Violist, Pianist
I refer to Musical America throughout the year as a current data base for the music business and am fascinated by the new groups that emerge as well as the innovative programming that abounds with the presenters. Musical America also provides ideal beach reading especially during a cold spell in Florida immediately after attending the CMA conference.

CMI Entertainment, Inc.
Vincent Mitchell
It is my pleasure to say the Musical America Directory is the “bible” of the live performing arts world. The information contained in this annual publication is priceless and provides valuable networking contacts for our industry.

Patricia Brady-Danzig
I have been a subscriber to MA for over 30 years, for several reasons: It is beautifully designed and organized; the artists chosen for awards are top level; the publication encompasses a worldwide panorama of all categories of classical music; the staff is courteous, helpful, and accomodating; the monthly update is informative. As far as my own career, MA has helped me spread the word about my activities and has helped to make me a known musical personality in many European and East European countries.

Julie Kagan
3i Platform (Perfomania)
I truly believe that Musical America provides its readers and subscribers with the most complete and accurate industry data and information. Therefore, I feel very confident providing clients of our company with the interactive feed to Musical America’s data. Keep up the great job!

Theodore Presser Company
Judith Ilika
Director of Performance Promotion
The Musical America Directory is the no. 1 source for contact information in the performing world: the information is all in one place, so it's faster than surfing the web, especially when researching multiple contacts.

Susan Halpern Program Notes
Susan Halpern
I use Musical America to check up-to-date phone numbers and addresses of my clients—and to see where there are different types of venues that might be new and I have not known about. I also like to see if there are other program note writers that I don't know. I like to look at where the festivals are, too.

Podium Notes (Conductors Guild
Jonathan Sternberg
Musical America has been my daily musical bible for half a century locating musicians, orchestras, agents, in fact almost everybody involved in serious music internationally. Unique. Nothing resembles its usefulness.

Universidad Veracruzana and Festival de Campeche
Mini Caire
The value of the directory is basically the possibility of having all the information concerning artists, mainly in the music field. Since we are in México it is very easy to get in touch with artists and managers having their telephones, email address etc. so at the hand with the Musical America.

Hoffman Consulting Services
Steven A. Hoffman
Musical America continues to be a great publication to identify the majority of professional performing arts resources and entities.

Classical Music Communications
Gail Wein
Classical Music Journalist and Communications Consultant
Musical America is truly the bible of the classical music industry. I make sure to visit the website every single day, where essential news is posted, and this news is up to the minute and often not found anywhere else. When I need to find out how to contact an artist or look up a manager’s phone number, it’s all right there in the comprehensive directory.

Mary Lou Falcone Public Relations
Mary Lou Falcone
The Musical America annual directory is the bible of the classical music world. Clearly it is a “must-have!”

The Juilliard School
Joseph W. Polisi
The Musical America Directory has set the standard for information retrieval in the music profession for decades. ...An essential element of any music organization's library.

Rob Enslin
Communications Manager
The College of Arts and Sciences, Syracuse University & Owner, Enslin Productions, L.L.C
Musical America has been the one constant in my rich and varied career—as a performer; as an author, journalist, and publicist; and as a middle agent for the rock band KANSAS’ collegiate symphonic tour. When Syracuse University recently launched an arts leadership program, we didn’t think twice about advertising with Musical America. The ad for our founding director position, alone, yielded nearly a hundred qualified applicants. I look forward to working with Musical America on the promotion of this and other arts-related projects. Musical America is a thorough and comprehensive resource guide that should be on every arts administrator’s bookshelf—and bookmarked on his/her computer. It is the industry bible.



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