1. How can I update my company's information?
     If your company is not listed, first check the databases for a list of sections. If your listing belongs in one or more sections, note that in your E-mail. For the Artists database, see FAQ# 3.
2. How frequently are the databases updated?
    The 30+ databases are updated every week on a rolling basis, ie. 2-3 databases per week.
3. How can artists be listed in the Artists database?
    Artists in this database are listed in advertisements in the Musical America Directory. In the Directory, their names are shown in the Categorical Index of Advertisers and Alphabetical Index of Advertisers sections. These names are transferred at no extra charge to the Artists database on Advertisers can update their rosters on this Web site at any time.
4. How can databases be purchased?
    Databases can be purchased right online by choosing Buy a List. Once you choose your search category, the first 3 results will appear along with the total number of listings in the database and the price.
5. What format do the lists come in?
    The lists are sent via E-mail as ASCII text (comma delimited) files. They can then be saved to your hard drive and opened on any computer and with any database software such as Excel or ACT.
6. Do we have CDs of the book or databases?
    Musical America does not publish any CDs. The reason for this is that the Web site can be updated frequently.

1. I get the newsletter every Friday so why can't I access the other stories and databases on the site?
    The newsletter is a free service that is generated from the news that appears on the subscription site.
2. How can I suggest a story for the news? 3. Will my press releases appear on the homepage?
    The title and date of your press release will appear on the home page. The most recently posted press release will appear at the top of the page.

1. Will my print ad appear on the website?
    In addition, your free listing will appear in the Find Contacts section of the site, along with a link to your roster.
2. What are your advertising rates? 3. What's better, advertising in the book or on the site?
    We recommend a coordinated advertising plan. Our past survey showed that our readers use both the Directory AND the Web site to find talent.

1. How many subscribers are there?
    The Musical America Directory has a controlled circulation of about 7,000 copies and @3,500 copies are sold or distributed at conferences. receives an average of 80,000 visitors a month and 350,000 page views a month. Our weekly E- newsletter goes to 20,000+ recipients.
2. What are the benefits of having a subscription?
    Please go to About Us-Online to read about the services and benefits offered on this site.


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