Robin Spielberg
Pianist, Composer, Arranger, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Storyteller
"From the moment she walks out on stage, until the last note gently caresses the room, Spielberg casts a spell on her audience that is palpable, visceral and spiritual. While her recordings are truly excellent, it’s her live performance, and in-between-the-songs storytelling that sets her apart from the other artists and pianists."

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"Music smoothes the rough edges of life," says Robin Spielberg in a recent interview. "It speaks to us when words fail, and expresses our deepest emotions.” Ms. Spielberg discovered her passion for music as a young girl and began formal piano lessons at the age of seven. By the time she turned ten, Robin had composed more than fifty songs.
With interests in both theater and music, Spielberg earned a BFA in drama from New York University. As a founding member of the Atlantic Theater Company, she acted in over 60 off-broadway plays and radio dramas, and composed the scores to several others while building a career as one of the premiere piano room performers in New York City. It was in these piano rooms in the late 80's and early 90's that Spielberg first introduced her original piano solos. Audiences returned time and time again to hear Robin's unique arrangements and original music. In 1993, at the urging of her listeners, Robin recorded her debut, Heal of the Hand. This album earned rave reviews and was picked up by the North Star Music label the following year, becoming their best selling album for both 1994 and 1995.
A prolific composer, Robin was named to the prestigious Steinway Artist Roster in 1996. She has 17 recordings to her credit and appears on over 40 compilations around the world. Her discography includes albums of original piano solos, arrangements of American standards, original pieces for piano/ensemble, recordings for the holidays, a CD of Americana melodies, and a CD of lullabies. Robin’s newest recording is "Another Time, Another Place” which was named by as one of the best piano releases of 2015. It was also nominated for a ZMR Award (given by radio). Her sheet music is popular throughout the world.
Popular with Asian audiences via the use of her music on the KBS Drama "WINTER SONATA," Robin has released two CDs in Korea and is on several compilations on Asian labels. She has toured South Korea making concert appearances at the renowned Seoul Arts Center , LG Arts Center and KBS Hall. She recorded a special concert for Airiang TV, which aired throughout Asia.

"She doesn't play piano to just impress an audience with her piano techniques and skills (which she definitely possesses), but she also puts everything through her heart and shares her soul warmth through every touch of a piano key."
Chicago Tribune
"Robin has such a personal and expressive way of playing and her story-telling about the origins of the music makes the pieces come alive...Even if you are not familiar with her music I highly recommend seeing her in concert ... You will be inspired and uplifted ..."
BBC Music Magazine
"The composer's distinctive 'voice' is evident from the outset, and his flair for orchestral colours and sheer lyricism shine through."
Wind & Wire Magazine
"Reflective piano ... smart originals"
The Washington Post
"As a popular pianist Spielberg has one of the best set of hands going. Her touch is perfect sometimes velvet sometimes sparkling...Spielberg plays a stellar collection of pieces a few are chipper but most express intimate emotional edges that will move memories in the listener."
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