Robin Spielberg
Pianist, Composer, Arranger, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Storyteller
"From the moment she walks out on stage, until the last note gently caresses the room, Spielberg casts a spell on her audience that is palpable, visceral and spiritual. While her recordings are truly excellent, it’s her live performance, and in-between-the-songs storytelling that sets her apart from the other artists and pianists."

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Whether playing music that embraces the transitions of the seasons, celebrating the thrill of romance, or familiar holiday songs, Robin Spielberg’s concerts intertwine accomplished musical performance with humor and stories that inspire.
A long time elite member of the prestigious Steinway Artist Roster, Robin Spielberg has sold over one million CDs, and has hundreds of millions of plays on Pandora, Apple Music and Spotify. As her popularity continues to skyrocket, Spotify has now created a ‘Robin Spielberg Spotify Playlist’. Her 18th recording, released in 2018, On the Edge of A Dream, spent four weeks on the Billboard charts. With the experience and numerous accolades to prove it, Spielberg is hailed as one of America’s most popular contemporary female pianists/composers.
As an artist with a multifaceted and successful career, Spielberg has performed in such prestigious environments as: Carnegie Hall, (three times), the Seoul Arts Center, on CBS Saturday MorningPBSLife Time Live, and NPR. Her work has been featured on numerous soundtracks including The History Channel and the Great American Ballroom Challenge. Her performances often include lively and humorous excerpts from her award-winning memoir, Naked on the Bench: My Adventures in Pianoland.
As a Celebrity Artist Spokesperson for the national American Music Therapy Association, Robin Spielberg offers engaging talks, workshops and community outreach programs on the transformative power of music on healing as featured on her TEDx Talk.
Spielberg’s impact extends beyond the stage as she continues to lead focused master classes, engaging workshops and multifaceted residencies in communities across the country.
Spielberg’s impact extends beyond the stage as she continues to lead focused master classes, engaging workshops and multifaceted residencies in communities across the country.
Touring Programs (solo / duo / trio / choir – all available with multi-media):
  • Robin Spielberg’s "Moonlight & LoveSongs"
  • Robin Spielberg’s "Dreaming of Summer"
  • Robin Spielberg’s "Songs of Autumn"
  • Robin Spielberg’s "Holiday Sing-A-Long" – Featuring Local Choir
  • Robin Spielberg’s "Americana Songbook"
Educational Outreach, Residency Programs and Artist Talks:

"She doesn't play piano to just impress an audience with her piano techniques and skills (which she definitely possesses), but she also puts everything through her heart and shares her soul warmth through every touch of a piano key."
Chicago Tribune
"Robin has such a personal and expressive way of playing and her story-telling about the origins of the music makes the pieces come alive...Even if you are not familiar with her music I highly recommend seeing her in concert ... You will be inspired and uplifted ..."
BBC Music Magazine
"The composer's distinctive 'voice' is evident from the outset, and his flair for orchestral colours and sheer lyricism shine through."
Wind & Wire Magazine
"Reflective piano ... smart originals"
The Washington Post
"As a popular pianist Spielberg has one of the best set of hands going. Her touch is perfect sometimes velvet sometimes sparkling...Spielberg plays a stellar collection of pieces a few are chipper but most express intimate emotional edges that will move memories in the listener."
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Another Time, Another Place
Robin Spielberg
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Dreaming of Summer
Robin Spielberg
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Robin Spielberg
Playmountain Music, 2002