Anna Maria Mendieta
Harpist, Chamber Ensemble, Symphony Soloist, Multimedia & Educational Programs
"… an exceptional soloist ... impressive. A charismatic player, she ranged through her instrument: exquisite, finger flicked dustings up and across the strings; or guitar-like strums, crisp and percussive; or rich-blooded low notes or brilliant high ones. The interwoven sound of Mendieta and the orchestra was luminous …"

—Richard Scheinin,

San Jose Mercury News

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Anna Maria Mendieta enjoys a busy career as a soloist, orchestral musician, recording artist and teacher. She is the principle harpist with the Sacramento Philharmonic and Opera and has performed with many symphony orchestras and chamber music groups in the U.S. and abroad. Ms. Mendieta is often featured performing the concerti of Joaquin Rodrigo as well as special tango arrangements created for her for harp and orchestra. She has received international recognition and standing ovations as a pioneer and "an exceptional soloist" by the American League of Symphony Orchestras for her tango music of Astor Piazzolla marking history with the unique programming and use of harp in this musical style. Her national touring company “Tango del Cielo” (Tango of Heaven) is the focus of a documentary film. Her educational outreach ensemble “Del Cielo” has been twice winners of the San Francisco Symphony’s Adventures in Music program for the 2015-16 & 2017 seasons. Ms. Mendieta has appeared as a soloist for television, motion pictures, National Public Radio, and the Emmy Awards.
Anna Maria Mendieta performs concerts of all styles from classical to contemporary with orchestras, as a soloist and with her touring ensembles including TANGO DEL CIELO. Her unique specialties include the Argentine Tango and fiery Spanish classics in concert-shows that are especially entertaining incorporating music & dance and multimedia use of art, film, backdrops, vignettes, and lighting effects. Her “Tango Del Cielo” concert-show also includes a special tribute to the Silver Screen, since it was through the silent movies that tango was brought to the U.S. Anna Maria’s ancestor was Rudolf Valentino’s co-star for several movies, these scenes and others come to life on the stage. Programs can be done with her ensembles and with orchestras, with or without dance and Ms. Mendieta provides all scores & parts with multimedia, beautiful backdrops, and a tech person to mange it all.
Anna Maria's programs connect tradition with innovation, history with the present, the auditory with the visual, and the serious with the playful. When Anna Maria is not pulling strings, she’s out on the dance-floor as a part of the show!

"… a true master of her instrument … Mendieta’s performance was exciting and beautiful!"
— Elizabeth Warnimont, The Benicia Herald
"One of the finest harpists I have ever worked with. When you have a musician of this caliber, it is only right to bring her out in front."
— Conductor Michael Morgan
"What AnnaMaria is doing with the harp and tango is fantastic ... and the audience loves it!"
— Pablo Ziegler, Grammy Award winner for Best Tango Album, filmed Interview
"After listening to her solo, I decided that harp is one of the best suited instruments for tango."
— Igor Polk, Tango Noticias Magazine, Chicago

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Anna Maria Mendieta
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