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The First Global Tango Music Competition

November 16, 2023 | By Irma de Jong
Music Entrepreneur

Three esteemed organizations join forces to launch the world's first Global Tango Music Competition, inviting tango musicians from across the globe to showcase their talent and passion for this captivating genre. The competition promises not only to be a testament to the universal appeal of tango music but also an opportunity for artists to win prestigious prizes and gain international recognition.

This groundbreaking event aims to unite tango enthusiasts, fostering a sense of community and appreciation for the diverse expressions of this enchanting musical form. The competition is open to musicians of all ages and backgrounds, welcoming soloists, duets, and ensembles to participate.

The 1st Global Tango Music Competition is organized by:

  • General Direction: Cicerone Music & Art, The Netherlands
  • Artistic Direction: Estación Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Technical Direction: Virtual Concert Halls, USA

Key Highlights:          

Global Reach: The competition transcends borders, providing a platform for tango musicians worldwide to share their unique interpretations of this iconic dance music.

Diverse Categories: Participants can compete as individuals or as duo/ensemble and with various tango styles, including traditional tango, nuevo tango, and experimental tango fusion, allowing for a rich tapestry of styles and interpretations.

Prizes of Distinction: Winners will be awarded a unique opportunity to showcase themselves in the heart of Tango, Buenos Aires, at a prestigious Gala Concert, but also at Carnegie Hall NY. Furthermore, a wide array of enticing prizes, including studio recording sessions, Masterclasses and promotional career possibilities, will be offered.

Renowned Judging Panel: A distinguished panel of tango music experts and virtuosos will evaluate the submissions, ensuring a fair and knowledgeable assessment of each performance. 

Online Showcase: Considering the global nature of the event, the competition will be conducted online, allowing participants to submit their entries from the comfort of their homes. The finalists and winners will be announced in a Live Online Winners Broadcast Show on a date to be decided in May 2024.

Gabriela Olcese, Co-Founder of Estación Buenos Aires, expresses enthusiasm about the event, stating, "The Global Tango Music Competition represents a milestone in the world of tango, bringing together musicians and audiences from diverse backgrounds. We are excited to witness the creativity and passion that will unfold through this celebration of tango music and look forward to bringing the winners to the Gala Concert next year in Buenos Aires.”

Participants are encouraged to visit the official competition websites:

General Info:



https://www.soundespressivocompetition.com/1st-global-tango-music-competition for detailed information on how to enter, submission guidelines, and updates. The submission deadline is March 15, 2024 and winners will be announced in a Live Online Winners Broadcast Show in a date to be decided in May 2024.

Join us in this unparalleled celebration of tango music, where the rhythms of passion and the melodies of emotion converge on a global stage. Let the music play, and let the dance begin!


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Irma de Jong


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