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Interharmony International Music Festival & School of Music Announce  New Digital Award Program

November 28, 2022 | By Caitlin McConnell

Music Students and Artist Faculty Members will soon be able to celebrate and publicly announce their achievements through new Digital Badge Awards.

Today, InterHarmony International School of Music (IISM) and Music Festival (IIMF), a globally-known leader in music education offering year-round online and hybrid classes as well as established summer festivals, launched Digital Badge Award and credentialing program through Credly. 

IIMF is excited to offer students and faculty the opportunity to showcase the breadth and depth of their knowledge, experiences, and achievements in a verifiable, trusted, and portable way that is recognized by colleges and employers around the globe.  Collaborating with Credly, the digital credentialing leader, helps translate the invaluable learning opportunities gained through InterHarmony International School of Music and InterHarmony International Music Festival into visual and sharable representations of those opportunities. More information about IIMF Digital Badge Awards can be found HERE and IISM Digital Badge Awards HERE.

IISM’s objective is to cultivate the real musician at heart, at any point in their life or career, by giving them access to everything necessary to reach their aspirations.  In addition to online or in-person private lessons, the program at IISM emphasizes listening to music and taking classes on a variety of topics including music theory, solfege, music history, Science of Harmony in Sound, and other fascinating topics. It provides performance opportunities and participation in numerous showcases and Master Classes with world-renowned faculty and guest soloists whom they have the possibility to meet during the European festivals and potentially study with in-person or online.  Program information can be found HERE.

Each summer in Italy, IIMF gives students the life-changing opportunity to develop their musical abilities, grow artistically, and network with fellow musicians while studying with an internationally renowned Artist Faculty of soloists and chamber musicians, attending Master Classes, musical seminars, playing in orchestra or opera scenes for singers, and attending and performing in concerts.

Our Credly micro-credentialing initiative will allow students of IISM and IIMF have a visual and verifiable way to demonstrate their increasing skills, knowledge, capabilities, and experience earned as a School of Music and Festival participant.  Initially, InterHarmony participants will begin to receive award emails within the next week. More badges will be rolled out over time to recognize more student and faculty achievement. 

InterHarmony combines multiple concerts of world-renowned soloists and chamber musicians at its Carnegie Hall in New York and in Europe, at the same time providing intensive study programs for young musicians, helping them to climb the steps to world stages of classical music. InterHarmony International School of Music creates rare opportunities to study classical music – from virtual to actual – with world-renowned teachers, performers, and music experts in a unique virtual learning experience to develop actual playing skills during the year.


Credly is helping the world speak a common language about people’s knowledge, skills, and abilities. Thousands of employers, training organizations, associations, certification programs, and workforce development initiatives use Credly to help individuals translate their learning experiences into professional opportunities using trusted, portable, digital credentials. Credly empowers organizations to attract, engage, develop, and retain talent with enterprise-class tools that generate data-driven insights to address skills gaps and highlight opportunities through an unmatched global network of credential issuers. Visit www.credly.com to learn more.



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