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Salutation from US Ambassador to Germany on Usedom Music Festival/NYPhilhamonic

May 13, 2022

Salutation from US Ambassador to Germany on opening of the Usedom Music Festival/NYPhilhamonic   

"Who can dispute the power of music. During the pandemic musicians don't wait to help people remain connected. But who can dispute the power of live music and imporant Festivals? Consul General Akin and I wish everyone at this year's Usedom festival memorable moments and wonderful music. Thank you for featuring an American orchestra on the 20th anniversary of the Peenemünde concerts. My thanks also to the New York Philharmonic for choosing Germany for its first overseas performance since 2019. The New York Philharmonic is one of the most oldest and celebrated American orchestras. Its tradition goes back a 180 years. It is a tradition that highlights the diversity and dynamism of American culture. Much like the energy and dynamic of the ever stronger partnership between Germany and the United States today. All my very best for a powerfully fun-filled festival. Gutes Gelingen!"



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