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TeRra Han’s Invaluable Contributions, NYPD Media Credential Journalist

December 5, 2018 | By John Huges

TeRra Han NYPD credential journalist

TeRra Magazine, the world greatest art and cultural stories,

committed to highest standard of objective, accurate journalism,

Connect the artists and expand gateways for their activities widely to the world

Founded 2016 in Seoul, Preview online service started in Tokyo, NYC headquarters since 2017 Nov.

TeRra Han (, well known as a prodigy and musical genius of South Korea got a new credential role as a journalist by New York Police Department (NYPD). TeRra Han founded art and cultural magazine in Seoul 2016 and started online preview service in Tokyo 2017. In 2017, New York City, the magazine has started publishing digital and paper magazine. Currently the magazine is distributed on major platforms such as the Google Newsstand, Apple Newsstand, Amazon periodical media and so on. The notable feature of the magazine is that TeRra is covering based rarely unknown world heritable fine arts without geographic barriers.  

Since founding in 2016, Ms. Han has been leading the magazine as a publisher and editor in Chief. The magazine publishes 9 issues covering world class artists as cover stories, and this month is the one year anniversary. Ms. Han said she will do her best to cover the world’s greatest art and cultural stories committed to the highest standard of objective, accurate journalism, as well as, to connect the artists and expand gateways for their activities widely to the world.  

TeRra Han started her musical training at the age of 4 both in Western classical music and the Eastern traditional performing arts under the prominent intangible cultural human heritages of East Asia and experience in Europe. Through her extraordinary activities of musical careers internationally as the foremost Asian music expert, she founded TeRra magazine in the inception due to a lack of platforms to introduce fine arts and communicate among them, despite of an increase in demand of people’s interest. 

Ms. Han was the first gayageum player to be named as the recipient of the Asian Cultural Council’s Blanchette Rockefeller Fund, New York. Ms. has been performing all over many countries and released more than 10 solo albums. In 2016, she was admitted as a voting member of the Grammy Awards of the Recording Academy.

In addition, Ms. Han has been researching sound acoustics, instrument surveys and analysis with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Acoustics  in order to find the cross point between art and science. She is also preparing for her own newly invented instrument ‘TeRra(Qin)’, and ias been developing music software and a bootstrapping art portal search website TeRra ( ). The preview service is going to be open on November 30th. In addition, Ms. Han owns her own fashion collection.

Ms. Han had acted as a writer of The Journal of Seoul National University (, The Business Journal of Korea (, and a member of The Asian American Journalists Association in the United States ( She speaks 6 language and has mastered several computer programing languages, such as C.

Currently, she is staying in New York City and the Silicon Valley area.



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