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Denise Marsa Releases Her New Music Video 'Steady'

December 4, 2023 | By @Keymediagrouppr

Renowned singer-songwriter, Denise Marsa, is making waves once again with the release of the lyric music video for her love song, “Steady.” The video premiered on Denise Marsa’s YouTube channel on Sunday, December 3rd at 6 PM. 

Marsa wrote the song in 1985 when she was living in London under contract with Warner Brothers Music, UK and it has been a fan favorite ever since. This award-winning* version of the song is featured on her 2012 album “Live Forever.” The track was remastered and rereleased in August of this year and is a subtle ode to Diana Ross and The Supremes; the backing vocals of Rachel Millman, Nicole Berke, and Rhonda Denet provide an integral ingredient to the mix. At the time of the original release, Marsa was mentoring and producing Millman and Berke as solo artists. All three background singers are featured in the new music video. Marsa shares, “I have recorded “Steady” more than any of my other songs and this is how I always wanted it to sound.”

The “Steady” lyric video is Marsa’s second creative collaboration with photographer and visual artist, Bill Westmoreland. Both are residents of New York’s West Village, and they share an organic understanding of each other. The two artists previously enjoyed success earlier this year with their acclaimed music video for another of Marsa’s songs, “Sanctuary,” which was filmed on location. For “Steady,” Westmoreland strips everything back to basics. He trusts the song and allows Marsa’s vocals and personality to shine, as she joyfully sings her anthem to love. 

Denise Marsa founded her independent record label, KeyMedia Group, in 1998, to maintain control of her artistic vision. She has been an active force in the Indie artist movement since then. In recent years, Marsa has expanded her skills to produce groundbreaking music videos. In conceptualizing the popular animated characters, The Cowgirl and The Alien, she elevates her ethereal song, “Float,” through stunning visual storytelling. In doing so, she has deservedly acquired a groundswell of new appreciators of her vast talent. Through stellar reviews in the Indie press, there is a growing anticipation that this unique Indie artist is heading towards the mainstream on her own terms and without sacrificing any of her profound artistic integrity. Marsa Media Inc. recently signed an agreement with indie digital distributor Exploration.io for their distribution services and is excited about the year ahead.

*In 2013 Denise and Co-Producer, Canadian guitarist Andy Gabrys won the New Mexico Music Award for the song and production for “Steady.”

For more information about Denise, please visit DeniseMarsaMusic.com. To watch "Steady," visit Denise Marsa Music – on YouTube.

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