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Orchestras in National Effort for Peter Boyer Rhapsody Project

August 17, 2022 | By Naturally Sharp Inc.

As the country becomes aware of the first 50 state project commissioning a major new work for piano and orchestra without buy-ins from each orchestra, it is important to gratefully share the list of seventy-seven orchestras taking part in bringing about new music for piano and orchestra, and, piano, orchestra and chorus into the repertoire spanning a quarter-century. The styles of music are diverse, as are their composers in works listed below the orchestra names. Joining our country together now through music, is becoming a common mission among musicians and communities within the orchestral community. To also celebrate the centennial of George Gershwin's iconic Rhapsody in Blue in 2024, starting with summer 2023 through the 2023-24-25 seasons, Peter Boyer's new Rhapsody in Red, White & Blue can potentially embrace every state of the USA, now bringing in orchestras representing their states. Unlike projects allowing one premiere per state, as there are no buy-ins required from orchestras, and, all funds have been acquired supporting the composer's fee and copying costs, we can allow more than one state performance within the two-year exclusive period to launch this new model for bringing new music to the public.

Thank you to the following orchestras for their dedication and participation in the twenty-three projects listed below the orchestra list. For details about the Peter Boyer Rhapsody in Red, White & Blue, please contact me directly at

Please visit this link for more information about the project:

Acadiana Symphony Orchestra
Alabama Symphony Orchestra
Albany Symphony Orchestra (GA)
American Symphony Orchestra
Anchorage Symphony Orchestra
Arkansas Philharmonic Orchestra
Austin Symphony
Bangor Symphony Orchestra
Battle Creek Symphony Orchestra
Boston Pops Orchestra (2002, World Premiere, "Concerto America" by Charles Strouse)
Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra (Canada, 2011, Canada Premiere, "Prometheus" by William Bolcom)
Canton Symphony Orchestra (2022; "A Planets Odyssey", by Dan Perttu)
Champaign-Urbana Symphony Orchestra
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (2000, World Premiere, "Millennium Fantasy" by Ellen Taaffe Zwilich)
Colorado Symphony (2016, World Premiere, "Concerto for Simply Grand Piano and Orchestra", by P.D.Q. Bach)
Columbus Symphony Orchestra (GA)
Dallas Symphony Orchestra (2021, World Premiere, "Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg", by Ellen Taaffe Zwilich; "Reflection of Justice: RBG" by yours truly, orchestrations by Harrison Sheckler)
Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra
Detroit Symphony Orchestra
El Paso Symphony Orchestra
Empire State Youth Orchestra
Fairfax Symphony Orchestra
Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Orchestra
Florida Philharmonic
Glens Falls Symphony Orchestra
Greeley Philharmonic
Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra (2018, World Premiere, "Concerto no. 2" by Christopher Theofanidis)
Hartford Symphony Orchestra
Honolulu Symphony Orchestra
Huntington Symphony (West VA)
Huntsville Symphony Orchestra
Idaho Falls Symphony Society
Idaho State Civic Symphony (2021, World Premiere, "Shadows for Piano and 7 Players" by Ellen Taaffe Zwilich)
Jyvaskyla Sinfonia (Finland; European Premiere, "Concerto for Simply Grand Piano and Orchestra" by P.D.Q. Bach))
Kenosha Symphony
Key Chorale (2024; US Premiere, "Legend of Bijan and Manijeh", Farhad Poupel)
Key West Symphony Orchestra
Knoxville Symphony Orchestra (2013, World Premiere, "Piano Concerto: In Truth" by Lucas Richman)
Lawton Philharmonic Orchestra
Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra (2011, World Premiere, "Shadows" by Ellen Taafffe Zwilich; 2013, World Premiere, "Dreams of the Fallen" by Jake Runestad)
Mansfield Symphony Orchestra
Meridian Symphony Orchestra
Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra (2006, World Premiere, "Concerto no. 3" by Lowell Liebermann
Music in the Mountains Festival (CA)
Niagara Symphony (Canada Premiere, "Shadows" by Ellen Taaffe Zwilich))
New Hampshire Music Festival (2022, World Premiere, "Concerto for Piano and Orchestra" by Jim Stephenson)
New Mexico Symphony Orchestra
New Philharmonic (Newton, MA)
North Mississippi Symphony Orchestra
Norwalk Symphony Orchestra
Orchestra Kentucky (World Premieres of: "Moderato ma non troppo" by Peter Tork; "Peanuts Concerto" and "Burt Bacharach Concerto" by Dick Tunney
Pacific Symphony Orchestra and Pacific Chorale (2010, World Premieres: "Mirrors" by Richard Danielpour; "Prometheus" by William Bolcom; 2024-25: World Premiere, "Piano Concerto" by Adolphus Hailstork)
Philharmonia Northwest
Philharmonic of Southern New Jersey
Portland Columbia Symphony Orchestra (Oregon)
Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra (Boston, MA)
Rogue Valley Symphony (OR)
San Diego Symphony
Schleswig-Holstein Landestheater Symphony Orchestra (2006, European Premiere, "Concerto no. 3" by Lowell Liebermann)
South Arkansas Symphony Orchestra
South Bend Symphony
South Dakota Symphony
South Florida Symphony
South Shore Symphony Orchestra
Space Coast Symphony Orchestra (2022; "Thanksgiving Variations", by Christopher Marshall, and, "Three Reflections" by yours truly)
Springfield Symphony Orchestra (MA; World Premiere, "Piano Concerto: Spiritualist" by Kenneth Fuchs)
Sun Cities Symphony Orchestra (AZ)
Traverse Symphony Orchestra
University of Kentucky at Lexington
Virginia Arts Festival
Vocal Essence (Minneapolis, MN)
Western Piedmont Symphony (NC)
Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra
Wheeling Symphony Orchestra
Windsor Symphony Orchestra and Chorus (2022, World Premiere, "Legend of Bijan and Manijeh", by Farhad Poupel)
Wyoming Symphony Orchestra
Youth Orchestras of San Antonio
1: Ellen Taaffe Zwilich: Millennium Fantasy (2000; 27 orchestras, 25 states; Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra premiere, Jesus Lopez-Cobos conducting; Naxos recording with University of Florida Symphony Orchestra, Tallahassee)
2: Charles Strouse: Concerto America (2001; Boston Pops premiere, Keith Lockhart conducting; intended first 50 state project without buy-ins from orchestras)
3: Lowell Liebermann: Concerto no. 3, Opus 95 (2006; Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra premiere, Andreas Delf conducting, 17 other orchestras, first American project with a Europeans orchestra, Schleswig-Holstein State Symphony Orchestra, Gerard Oskamp conducting)
4: Richard Danielpour: Mirrors (2010; Pacific Symphony premiere, Carl St. Clair conducting)
5: William Bolcom: Prometheus, for piano, orchestra and chorus (2010; Pacific Symphony and Pacific Chorale premiere, Carl St. Clair conducting; Naxos recording Pacific Symphony and Pacific Chorale; Canadian premiere Calgary Philharmonic and Chorus)
6: Ellen Taaffe Zwilich: Shadows (2011; Louisiana Philharmonic premiere, Carlos Miguel Prieto conducting; Canadian premiere Niagara Symphony, Bradley Thachuk conducting)
7: Lucas Richman: Piano Concerto: In Truth (2013; composed for me separate from my projects; Knoxville Symphony premiere, Lucas Richman conducting; recording with Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, composer conducting)
8: Jake Runestad: Dreams of the Fallen, for piano, orchestra and chorus (2013; Louisiana Philharmonic and Chorus premiere, National WWII Museum, James Paul conducting; recording May 2023, True Concord Voices & Orchestra, Eric Holtan conducting)
9: Dick Tunney: 'Monkees' Concerto (2015; Orchestra Kentucky of Bowling Green, Kentucky, premiere, Jeff Reed conducting)
10: Peter Tork: Moderato ma non troppo, for piano and orchestra (2015; Orchestra of Bowling Green, Kentucky premiere, Jeff Reed conducting)
11: P.D.Q. Bach: Concerto for Simply Grand Piano and Orchestra (2016; Colorado Symphony premiere, Christopher Dragon conducting, other US orchestras, European premiere in Finland w/Jyvaskyla Sinfonia, Eero Lehtimaki conducting)
12: Kenneth Fuchs: Piano Concerto "Spiritualist" (2016; Springfield Symphony Orchestra (MA) premiere, Kevin Rhodes conducting; 2018 Grammy for Best Classical Compendium, London Symphony Orchestra JoAnn Falletta conducting)
13:  Giovanni Allevi: Piano Concerto (2017; Orchestra of Bowling Green, Kentucky, premiere, Jeff Reed conducting; composed for me, separate from my projects; 2017 recording with Giovanni Allevi conducting the Sinfonica Italiana)
14: Dick Tunney: Burt Bacharach Concerto (2018; Orchestra of Bowling Green, premiere, Jeff Reed conducting)
15: Christopher Theofanidis: Concerto no. 2 (2018; Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra premiere, Stuart Malina conducting)
16: Dick Tunney: Peanuts Concerto (2019; Orchestra of Bowling Green, Kentucky, premiere, Jeff Reed conducting)
17: Ellen Taaffe Zwilich: Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg, for mezzo-soprano, piano and orchestra (2021; Dallas Symphony Orchestra, premiere, Lidiya Yankovskaya conducting, Denyce Graves, mezzo-soprano)
18: Dan Perttu: A Planets Odyssey (2022; Canton Symphony Orchestra premiere, Gerhardt Zimmermann conducting)
19: Jim Stephenson: Piano Concerto (2022; New Hampshire Music Festival premiere, Paul Polivnick conducting)
20: Farhad Poupel: The Legend of Bijan and Manijeh, for piano, orchestra and chorus (2022;Windsor Symphony Orchestra and Chorus premiere, November 2022, Robert Franz conducting; Key Chorale, US premiere, February 2024, Joseph Caulkins conducting)
21: Christopher Marshall: Thanksgiving Variations (2022; Space Coast Symphony Orchestra  premiere, November 2022, Aaron Collins conducting; composed for me separate from my projects)
22: Peter Boyer: Rhapsody in Red, White & Blue (2023; revival of first 50 state project without buy-ins from orchestras; orchestras to be announced at a future date)
23: Adolphus Hailstork: Piano Concerto (2024-25; Pacific Symphony, premiere, Carl St. Clair conducting)



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