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Tribute to MLK for Piano & Orchestra by Jeffrey Biegel

January 14, 2022
In tribute to the late Reverend Martin Luther King, pianist-composer Jeffrey Biegel brings his "Reflection of Equality: An Ode to Martin Luther King" to the world in a video created by Harrison Sheckler, also orchestrator for the composition.
During the time of Covid, Mr. Biegel composed piano works in reflection of the world around him. Following the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Mr. Biegel created the "Reflection of Justice: An Ode to Ruth Bader Ginsburg" in tribute to Justice Ginsburg using the names 'Ruth', 'Bader', Ginsburg', her nickname 'Kiki' and her infamous moniker, 'RBG', translating each letter into musical notes. The Dallas Symphony Orchestra presented it with Mr. Biegel at the piano, with orchestrations by Mr. Sheckler, his former pupil at Brooklyn College. The premiere drew a positive review from the Dallas Morning News.
Video of "Reflection of Equality: An Ode to Martin Luther King":

Building on the momentum of this project, Mr. Biegel decided to compose the "Reflection of Equality: An Ode to Martin Luther King", and the "Reflection of Freedom: An Ode to John Fitzgerald Kennedy" similarly using their names to form the themes of the music. They are combined as a complete set titled, "Three Reflections" as solo works or for piano and orchestra. To commemorate Martin Luther King Day, Mr. Sheckler has created a video montage set to his orchestration. Enter pianist-composer and audio producer Zhi Chen, currently a pupil of Mr. Biegel at Brooklyn College, to create the audio demo for the "Reflection of Equality". Taking a 'live' performance of Mr. Biegel, he weaved the orchestration around it using sample libraries within Logic Pro X. His ability to create a nearly human sonic landscape is what makes his work so unique. The "Reflection of Freedom: An Ode to John Fitzgerald Kennedy" plans to follow, to complete the "Three Reflections for Piano and Orchestra", which are currently available as solo piano compositions. This music reflects ideals of humanity through historic figures in American history, with hope to bring it to audiences throughout the world in performances.
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