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Internationally acclaimed composer Fabio Bertagnolli wins the Second Prize at the “Central International Composition Competition 2018” in Malta.

August 10, 2018 | By Joseph Murray

Internationally acclaimed composer Fabio Bertagnolli wins the Second Prize at the “Central International Composition Competition 2018” in Malta.


With his composition for string quartet “Personality Quartet,” Fabio Bertagnolli recently won the Second Prize at the “Central International Composition Competition 2018,” which, since 2014, has taken place every year in Malta, the beautiful island country in the Mediterranean Sea.What really impressed the Jury of the Competition is the originality of this composition, that reveals the high quality of Mr. Bertagnolli’s compositional skills.

Bertagnolli took inspiration for his composition from Carl Jung’s quote: “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” “Personality Quartet” is in three movements, each one of those describing a different personality: 1. “Type A – Sensitive and Romantic;” 2. “Type B – Haughty and Hot-tempered;” 3. “Type C (A B).” Each movement is in the key of the relative personality (so, in order, A major, B minor, C major) and is characterized by original and clever compositional techniques that picture the personality traits in a brilliant and immediately recognizable way (including some moments of polytonality when Type A and Type B meet in the last part).

With this Prize, Fabio Bertagnolli confirms his talent and his international stature as a music composer. Born and raised in Italy, the currently New York City-based composer has gained many national and international awards. To mention some, Winner of the American Tracks Music Award Competition 2017 (September session) in the category Best Music, with his piece “Paradise” for string orchestra; Finalist at the same competition in the category Best Music, with his piece “Miniature” for small symphonic orchestra; Semi-finalist at the Third International Composition Competition Maurice Ravel 2017-2018, in the category “Live Full Orchestra,” with “Miniature;” Bronze Medal at the Global Music Awards 2017 (September Session) again with “Paradise,” etc. He is also very active in scoring for film and multimedia, where he has gained many awards as well in festivals all over the world, endowing him with significant international recognition. 

About Fabio Bertagnolli.

Fabio Bertagnolli is a classical trained musician: Diploma in Classical Piano at an Italian Conservatory. After moving to New York City in 2010, he studied Composition at the Juilliard School of Music, with Raymond Lustig and Jonathan Dawe, Graduated with a Master Degree in Music Theory and Composition: Scoring for film and Multimedia from New York University. His music has been defined “…grand, never gauche, and emotional without being maudlin…a postmodern aesthetic without separation from the traditional fundamentals…”.

About Central International Composition Competition.

Central International Composition Competition is is an yearly competition that takes place in Malta, that attracts composer from more than 55 different countries worldwide. It is organized by the Central Academy of Arts, along with an International Music Competition for string quartet, violin and piano master classes, etc. The Central Academy of Arts™ is striking the goal of becoming the world’s premier institution for learning, competing and exhibitions of today, and tomorrow. Info at




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