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'Falling Man,' A Monodrama for Baritone by Kenneth Fuchs to Be Performed in Its New York and Stage Premiere

April 15, 2016 | By Debra Kinzler
PR Representative
Kenneth Fuchs's Monodrama, "Falling Man," based on Don DeLillo's powerful post-9/11 novel of the same name, with adaptation by J.D. McClatchy, captures the first moments of the global tremor that has forever reconfigured our emotional landscape, our memory, and our perception of the world.

"Falling Man" will take place on Friday, April 29 at 8pm at Symphony Space and is being presented by the Center for Contemporary Opera.

This New York Stage Premiere of "Falling Man"will also feature videography by Justin West from photographs contributed by the 9/11 Memorial & Museum.

Kenneth Fuchs comments, "DeLillo's novel ... enthralled me. His unflinching descriptions of raw terror and absolute chaos provided a standpoint from which I could begin to come to terms as a composer with the shocking and world-changing events of that fateful morning."

David Krane states, "I felt honored when Ken Fuchs asked me to adapt his masterful symphonic monodrama for solo Baritone, "Falling Man," for an eight piece chamber ensemble and to conduct the premiere ... It is a privilege to introduce this very moving work in a live performance in New York City, which still resonates with the memory of that tragic event."

Jarrett Ott adds, "Working on "Falling Man" has allowed me to reexamine the deep emotions I felt while watching the events of September 11 unfold .. The combination of DeLillo's text and Fuchs's score packs a powerful punch that will stir heart."

"Falling Man" is being presented by The Center for Contemporary Opera.



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