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World Premiere – “Norges Fjelde” or “Mountains of Norway” Will Premiere at the Bergen International Festival This Year.

February 7, 2013 | By James Dudek
Director, Classical Management
Oslo, Norway, February 4, 2013 – Classical Management – today announced the signing of the world premiere for Ole Bull’s violin fantasy “Mountains of Norway” («Norges Fjelde»). The Norwegian Radio Orchestra has signed on to present the piece on May 28th, 2013 at Norway's leading music festival, the Bergen International Festival (Festspillene i Bergen). The virtuoso solo part will be performed by violinist Annar Follesø, and the performance will be led by the orchestra's Chief Conductor designate, Miguel Harth-Bedoya. In Bull's anniversary year 2010, Follesø and the Norwegian Radio Orchestra issued premiere recordings of several works by Ole Bull, including his two violin concertos. The release was an international success, and The Grieg Society of Great Britain awarded it its "Record of the Year", an honor rarely bestowed upon non-Grieg recordings.

“Norges Fjelde” or “Mountains of Norway” was written during the late 1830s and is one of Ole Bull’s first major works. He performed it frequently on his international tours, but after Bull's death it was considered lost. A few pages of the score, located at the Public Library in Bergen, were believed to be all that remained of the piece. However, Professor Harald Herresthal discovered several more pages of music during his research for his biography of Ole Bull. Wolfgang Plagge has later, through his own research, been able to unearth even more of the piece. Based on the findings of Herresthal and himself, Plagge determined that he would be able to reconstruct the entire piece in a way faithful to Bull's musical intentions. This work is now completed, and the Norwegian Radio Orchestra will give the world premiere of the piece on May 28th at Grieg Hall, more than 170 years after it was written.

Violin soloist is Annar Follesø, one of the premiere violinists in Norway today. Of Annar Follesø, Wolfgang Plagge says:

“Annar Follesø is belongs to the elite class of violinists with the highest international standards. For years he has explored the romantic literature of violin, focusing on the great violinist virtuoso-composers of the 19th century concert scene. His work highlighting the somewhat forgotten, but none the less exceptionally interesting music of Ole Bull, has already earned him international recognition. Follesø unites essential co-creating and re-creating qualities of the music in his performance – qualities that this kind of music depend on to survive, but which, to a large extent, has been lost in modern concert performances. Because of his excellence Annar Follesø is the ideal ambassador for a form of music believed to be extinct, but, which in his hands regain its life and vitality.” For more information about Classical Management, Wolfgang Plagge, or Annar Follesø visit ( or check out the Facebook page here:

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