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Classical Music Composer & Pianist Sharon Ruchman Re-Launches Website in Unison with Release of Her Fourth CD, 'Textures'

December 6, 2012 | By Barbara Branagan-Mitchell
In tandem with the early November 2012 release of her fourth CD of original compositions in four consecutive years' time, 'Textures', classical music composer and pianist, Sharon Ruchman of Washington, Connecticut, has re-launched a newly-updated website. The site,, features numerous videos of Ruchman's live performances and broadcast interviews, blogs, a free MP3 download, plus samplings of all tracks from Ruchuman's four CDs: 'Sharon Ruchman Chamber Music' featuring 'Sea Glass', 'Arrival of Spring', 'Remembrance', and 'Textures'.

An accomplished composer and musician, Ruchman released her first CD 'Sharon Ruchman Chamber Music' in October of 2009, she released 'Arrival of Spring' in November of 2010, 'Remembrance' was released in November 2011, and she recently released her new 'Textures' CD in October of 2012. Ruchman stated, 'The music in me is fluid and prolific. My newest CD, 'Textures', was simply a natural creative flow that began with the culmination of my third CD, 'Remembrance' that I began writing in 2010.'

Recent YouTube videos of Ruchman at were recorded in unison with the October 2012 release of her newest CD 'Textures' as part of the revisions her new website. In the videos, Ruchman speaks about the 'qualities and textures of music' and how, 'like woven fabrics, music has melodies and harmonies that weave in and out of a piece giving it a certain pattern of interest.'

Ruchman explained, 'My intent, in each of my CDs, is to create pieces that offer different instrumentation. For the first time, I've created a violin and cello duet for this latest CD. Two stringed instruments playing together convey to the listener a feeling of warmth, lushness, and emotion.

Also for the first time, there is a flute and cello duet that offers something of a 'mysterious' quality. My other tracks on the new 'Textures' CD offers a cello and piano duet, a violin and piano duet, and two piano pieces. "Meditation" is a soothing piece that can transport the listener to a place of calmness.'

Working with In Touch Promotions, Inc. of Lakeville, Connecticut, Ruchman's goals in updating and revising her website ambitions were explained by owner and creative director Donna Saliter. 'The ambition behind updating the site was to create a richer experience for Sharon's viewers and make the website navigation easier for every visitor.

By changing the music "sliders" the website now loads much faster. We also added a new download plug-in which makes downloading the free piece much easier. We added new pages so that each album has its own page, offering much more information about the albums, with accompanying YouTube videos for them to listen to even more music. Additionally, we changed the shopping cart for a much smoother check-out experience.'

Saliter further explained, 'With these revisions to Sharon Ruchman's site, we are hoping to reach more of her target audience of classical music lovers who want to listen to, and purchase, original classical music. In early 2013, Sharon will be releasing a new wedding music album, so with this new site, we also hope to reach out to brides looking for pre-recessional and ceremonial wedding music.'

Sharon Ruchman earned her Master of Music (MM) degree from the Yale School of Music, and her Bachelor of Music (BM) degree at the New England Conservatory of Music. She was an accompanist with the New England Conservatory chorus, and upon graduation she taught music in the West Haven, Connecticut elementary and middle schools while she pursued her singing career and performed throughout Connecticut. She then returned to Yale School of Music to study composition with Yale graduate, teacher and accomplished composer, Orianna Webb. Currently, Ruchman is a member of several professional composers associations including the American Music Center, the American Composers Forum, and IAWN, International Alliance for Women in Music.

Intervals of Sharon Ruchmans compositions on the new 'Textures' CD can be heard on her website,, YouTube and she can be 'followed' on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google . Orders for the CD can be placed on her website as well as through iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon.




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