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Press Releases

Big Ovation for Ruxandra Donose's Carmen at ENO

December 3, 2012 | By Peter Dingens - International Public Relations
The opening night audience at the London Coliseum gave the Rumanian mezzo-soprano a big ovation for her exquisite performance as a singer and as an actress. The press continued the celebration with excellent reviews:

“This is, by far, Donose's best UK performance to date.” The Guardian, Nov.22,2012

“Ruxandra Donose, making her ENO debut, makes a convincing Carmen, with an expressive and eloquent voice, if not the most powerful. Bieito’s production […] makes intense acting demands of its ‘heroine’ and Donose is more than up to the challenge.” Gramophone, Nov.22, 2012

“But in the middle of it is a fascinating re-interpretation of the standard, dark and dangerous Latin femme fatale. The singer here, Romanian mezzo Ruxandra Donose, is blonde and obviously Eastern European. And she edges the role into a different archetype: the sexy, strong but sympathetic woman who knows her own mind and shines out in the shabby world of chavs and cheats that she inhabits. What's more, she's actually loveable (a rare quality in Carmens of my experience), singing with a warm, soft, pearly mezzo that's incredibly seductive.” The Telegraph, Nov.22, 2012

“[…] Ruxandra Donose is the real deal – an excellent singer and a captivating and many-layered actress. […] Donose is a riveting Carmen dramatically and a complete success musically. Completely free from traditional Carmen antics and gypsy tics she creates a complex and totally convincing portrait of a strong, unpredictable and finally pitiable woman.” Opera Britannia, Nov.22, 2012

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