BRSO Adopts Speedier Website

New website for the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra

Published: April 17, 2015

MUNICH — Although no news release hailed its arrival, a revamped website was launched today for the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra. It is faster, navigationally flatter, and better geared to mobile platforms than the old pages, criticized here. To enable the advance, domains have been set up liberating the orchestra from the giant, which until today hosted all three BR Klassik entities — the BRSO, the BR Chor and the Münchner Rundfunk-Orchester — as well as a panoply of services of parent Bavarian Broadcasting. In the bureaucratic context, this is revolutionary. Domain will serve German readers while is for everyone else. Simple tasks, such as finding the orchestra’s managers, are now as easy as they should be. Corresponding domains and have been established for the excellent chorus but for the moment resolve elsewhere. The MRO, currently on a two-week homeland tour playing operetta behind Jonas Kaufmann, retains its present site arrangement.

Screenshot © Bayerischer Rundfunk

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