Queue-it Confronts Opera-Goers


Published: December 28, 2017

MUNICH — Bavarian State Opera has given Queue-it the task of managing its hated virtual box-office waiting room, launched last season. The “one-product software technology company … with offices in Minneapolis and Copenhagen” promises to secure for BStO “control of website overload during extreme traffic peaks by offloading end-users into an online queue.” Queue-it’s software will in this case operate in tandem with the ticketing service of BStO’s existing provider, CTS Eventim.

Offloaded end-users, i.e. online customers trying to form a line, i.e. queue, before the 10 a.m. start-of-sale time are instructed to go away and come back right at that time, when Queue-it will assign them a random number. In other words, Queue-it randomizes and then forms a line on its own terms. Anyone unhappy is directed to a two-year-old BStO “visitor service,” not the precious box office staff, to be batted away in a charade called an improved Staatsoper visitor experience.

Illustration © Queue-it

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