Staatsoper Objects to Report

Parkett section of the National Theater in Munich

Published: March 7, 2017

MUNICH — Without citing an error, Bavarian State Opera claimed last month that the report here about its handicapping of online ticket buyers contains “false statements” but at the same time said it would “leave it as it is.”

The report, based on research by people using two standard browsers and separate Internet connections as well as on written and informal input from BStO itself, was forwarded to the opera company when published, on Feb. 22, with an invitation to make corrections. BStO’s claim was in turn followed by a request “to be specific about any inaccuracy.”

Bavarian State Opera confirmed the handicapping in January. An artificial delay is “activated” when events in heavy demand go on sale, postponing the moment the online buyer “gets access” (while in-person selling proceeds).

The handicapping has never been announced by the company but has been deviously justified. It is misleading in its screens, wastes customers’ time, and for seats below €100 virtually guarantees failure. Out-of-town buyers are especially hurt, being most dependent on this route to tickets. BStO’s online box office is robustly powered by CTS Eventim.

Photo © Wilfried Hösl

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