Noted Endeavors with Steven Swartz, Part II: What does a publicist do?

We’ve all wondered, “What exactly does a publicist do?” In this second installment of the publicist series, publicist and founder of DOTDOTDOTMUSIC, Steven Swartz, addresses this with Noted Endeavors founders Eugenia Zukerman and Emily Ondracek-Peterson.

Noted EndeavorsSteven Swartz is the founder of DOTDOTDOTMUSIC, which offers public relations services to individuals and organizations in the new music field. Steven’s background includes journalism, radio, the recording industry and PR. He previously spent 16 years as the director of publicity at Boosey & Hawkes. Along with Sarah Baird Knight, his partner in the firm, Steven’s integrated approach to publicity builds careers and audiences through increased visibility and enhanced presentation. As he says, “There’s a galaxy of voices clamoring for attention, and DOTDOTDOTMUSIC helps artists cut through the noise.”

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