Jenny Bilfield with Noted Endeavors – The Best Investment = Video

Jenny Bilfield talks with Eugenia Zukerman and Emily Ondracek-Peterson of Noted Endeavors about the best investment that a performer can make – a promotional video.

Noted_Endeavors_LogoJenny Bilfield, the President and CEO of Washington Performing Arts, works to create profound opportunities that connect community and artists, in both education and performance. Using 11 venues that criss-cross the DC metropolitan area, the careers of emerging artists are launched and nurtured, while established artists return to develop closer relationships with audiences and creative partners. Excellence and authenticity are qualities Bilfield looks for in all performers. A presence onstage speaking before each performance, and a tireless networker throughout the D.C. area, Jenny continues to broaden Washington Performing Arts’ profile and organizational capacity through new programmatic collaborations and alliances.

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