Maazel: ’Twas Always Thus

Lorin Maazel

Published: February 1, 2013

MUNICH — In a statement issued today here, Lorin Maazel shed light on the brevity of his tenure as Chefdirigent of the Munich Philharmonic:

“I congratulate Valery Gergiev on his appointment as principal conductor … starting the 2015–16 season. I am honored to have been serving as the artistic bridge between the terms of two much respected colleagues, Mr. Thielemann and Mr. Gergiev. When I took on this responsibility, I made it quite clear that it could only be for three years, because I always wanted to continue to serve as guest conductor with the orchestras with which I have been involved for half a century. I moreover postponed my composition projects for three years … . Starting September 2015, I will be able to return to them again, as well.”

Photo © Wild und Leise

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