Kronos Quartet: 50 for the Future

To celebrate its 125-year anniversary, Carnegie Hall is commissioning 125 new works. The Kronos Quartet is an important piece of the project, providing 50 of the commissions as part of the quartet’s 50 for the Future project. 50 pieces (25 by women composers) written by composers throughout the world will be premiered by Kronos and the music provided for free through its website.

Noted EndeavorsIn this video, Kronos founder and 1st violinist David Harrington, along with Kronos Managing Director Janet Cowperthwaite, talk to Noted Endeavors founders Eugenia Zukerman and Emily Ondracek-Peterson about the Fifty for the Future project, detailing the process from inception to realization.

David Harrington founded the Kronos Quartet in 1973. The quartet has since gone on to become one of history’s most important new music ensembles, having commissioned over 850 works.

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