Noted Endeavors with Dorothy Lawson of ETHEL: Artistic Justification for Amplification

Eugenia Zukerman and Dr. Emily Ondracek-Peterson of Noted Endeavors talk about the artistic justification for using amplification with cellist Dorothy Lawson, a founding member of ETHEL.

Noted EndeavorsETHEL is one of the most acclaimed string quartets in the contemporary classical scene. Formed in1998, ETHEL has kept an eye on tradition and an ear finely tuned to the future. A leading force in multi-genre exploration, ETHEL mixes classical works with cutting-edge repertoire. Commissioning new pieces and creating their own music, the members of ETHEL are all dedicated to collaborations, educational outreach and engagement with audiences. With improvisation and often with amplification, ETHEL’S performances are electrifying. As the New Yorker put it, ETHEL is the “…avatar of ‘post-classical’ music – the virtuosic alternative string quartet …vital and brilliant.”

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